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Rakka Oats Studios - Volume 1 severed head alien Robert Hobbs Neill Blomkamp

Director Neill Blomkamp wanted Sigourney Weaver to reprise her role in an Alien sequel but when that fell through he cast her in his own alien movie, Rakka. The short film is the first release by Oats Studios, an independent studio with money to burn. "I'm basically just setting fire to cash. So is there a way to make it self-sustained?" Blomkamp told First Showing. The all-in-one studio ... [Read More]
Powerless Adam West Alan Tudyk

DC Entertainment is honoring the late Adam West by releasing an unaired episode of the recently cancelled NBC series Powerless, in which he makes a cameo. The sitcom centers around the employees of an R&D department for Wayne Security as in Bruce Wayne AKA Batman. However, due to rights issues this superhero world is populated with lesser known heroes. Batman never makes an appearance. . . ... [Read More]
Blood Drive Syfy poster art grindhouse

Blood Drive is Syfy's most provocative series since Lexx (1997). The grindhouse style story is set in a dsytopian "future" (read: 1999) where race cars run on human blood but that's not the only bodily fluid going splat. Each installment of the 13 episode long series has a different genre of exploitation including sexploitation. The fifth episode features sex zombies dubbed "The Fucking Dead," ... [Read More]
Samurai Jack season 5 episode 6 Episode XCVII Seppuku ghost Omen

Samurai Jack season 5 moves the recently revived series from its old time slot on kid friendly Cartoon Network to the late night block Adult Swim. However, it was never intended as a children's cartoon insists series creator Genndy Tartakovsky. "We never did stuff for kids specifically," Tartakovsky explained during a Q&A. "We knew we couldn't do racy stuff and swear obviously. I don't know ... [Read More]
Green Arrow Stephen Amell American Ninja Warrior salmon ladder

Arrow star Stephen Amell became a real-life superhero in a celebrity edition of American Ninja Warrior. The celeb wanted to prove that he doesn't use a harness or stunt double on the gravity defying salmon ladder, which has made multiple appearances on Arrow. "We stole the salmon ladder for the pilot of Arrow and I mean like not sneakily -- we just ripped it off," he told Access ... [Read More]
Doctor Who Knock Knock binaural sound 3D Peter Capaldi

BBC has released an enhanced version of the Doctor Who episode "Knock Knock" with binaural sound that simulates 5.1 surround sound via stereo headphones. It puts the audience in the middle of the action as the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and Bill (Pearl Mackie) explore a seemingly haunted house. Not to worry, those creaking floorboards and walls are just filled with man-eating wood lice controlled ... [Read More]
Doctor Who Knock Knock Peter Capaldi

Doctor Who companion Bill (Pearl Mackie) and her college roommates meet the Landlord from hell (David Suchet) in "Knock Knock." They sign a contract with the devilish man to rent a suspiciously priced Victorian home. The old building has usual creeks but it's not the house settling teased show-runner Steven Moffat. The Doctor makes a house call The Doctor (Peter ... [Read More]