Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever Knapsack Dora the Explorer porno Jubilee Spank Army adult website webcam
Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Forever is in its final season and it's going out with a bang...a gang bang! Meatwad is propositioned by Jubilee, a Dora the Explorer look-a-like. The Spanish-speaking girl even has her own helpful friends: Knappy the Knapsack, Mappy the Map and GPSY the GPS. They abduct the naive boy, who is confused by the Spanish word 'el porno.' "It means wealth," the Knapsack ... [Read More]
Rick and Morty Rickstaverse Instagram game
If you thought Rick and Morty’s Rushed Licensed Adventure was poorly animated, wait until you play Rick and Morty Rickstaverse. It's not animated at all! This innovative Instagram game uses image galleries to create larger images. Tap the individual images and follow the image tags to explore the universe according to Rick AKA the Ricktaverse. It's filled with new & old characters like King ... [Read More]
Darth Vader Luke Skywalker hand lightsabre Star Wars Omnibus A Long Time Ago volume 2 Star Wars 44
Fathers are touted as real superheroes but the brightly colored world of comic books features darker dads like Darth Vader, who can forget Father's Day. #1: DARTH VADER The Star Wars villain Darth Vader was once a Jedi but he is seduced by the Dark Side after the loss of his family by his own hand. Anakin Skywalker's parenting skills got off to a bad start when he Force choked his ... [Read More]
Robot Chicken teams up with Colonel Sanders in KFC commerical
Adult Swim is airing a 3-part KFC commerical titled The Colonel’s Chronicles Colonel starring Robot Chicken! The Colonel recruits his unlikely ally to protect a highly sought after case that holds "the most important prize in the universe." What could it be? The secret recipe? A new menu item? A Robot Chicken toy? We'll have to wait for the answer. The next part will be released ... [Read More]
Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 3 Magical Friendship trailer Batman dance Batusi
Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 3: Magical Friendship is the "biggest special ever*" declares the trailer. The first special bullied Aquaman (Seth Green) so bad that he teamed up with Legion of Doom in the sequel, Villains In Paradise. Now Batman (Green) is the victim of bullying by Superman (Breckin Meyer) but he's not waiting for payback. He replaces the super jerk with a more amicable ... [Read More]
Jurassic World Jurassic Park raptors Indominus rex How It Should Have Ended
Jurassic World had some major plot holes in security. How It Should Have Ended suggests simple solutions like using non-dinosaur-sized doors, moats around enclosures and turning on the tracking devices! Raptor trainer Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) is presented as the only one with any common sense. He shoots first and ask questions later. Obviously this version would have made for a much less ... [Read More]
The Flaming C episode 1 car Conan Comic-Con
Conan O'Brien revived his alter ego The Flaming C at Comi-Con. The patchwork superhero was created by DC Comics artist Bruce Timm and originally featured in edited clips of the Cartoon Network series Young Justice. The Flaming C Returns is animated by Mark Marek whose distictive style you may recognize from the Henry and June segments on the Nickelodeon series KaBlam! The Flaming C (Conan) ... [Read More]
Conan Comic-Con Batman V Superman small claims court
Conan O'Brien debuted a trailer at Comic-Con that mocks the poorly titled Batman v Superman, which sounds like a plaintiff and defendant in a court case. The Caped Crusader takes the Man of Steel to small claims court over an avocado tree that extends onto his property. Bane breaks Batman's balls as a hostile witness. But the best bit is when Superman wags his finger at Bruce Wayne to the ... [Read More]
Conan origin story Batman Bruce Wayne parents Comic-Con 2015
Hosting at Comic-Con has gone to Conan O'Brien's head. He implanted himself into multiple superhero origin stories complete with flashbacks. The Green Lantern origin has Conan picking up a shiny quarter instead of taking the power ring from the dead alien, Abin Sur. The Batman origin has infamous mugger, Joe Chill, mistaking Conan's parents for Bruce Wayne's parents. Fortunately, the ... [Read More]
Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse Zombie breasts and zombie boob David Koechner
Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse will be rated R based on the latest hot-blooded teasers that feature zombie breasts bouncing around in slow-motion but the biggest boobs are the Boy Scouts. Carter (Logan Miller) takes a selfie with the sexy zombie to earn his photography badge but it could also double for bird study badge. They undoubtedly learned from Scout Leader Rogers played by David ... [Read More]