Burger King cologne Whopper April Fool's Joke
April Fool's Day is now officially "Whopper Day" in Japan. Burger King has registered it with the Japan Anniversary Association. To celebrate the occasion they will offer a limited-time cologne with a "Flame Grilled" fragrance. The 30-milliliter bottles retail for 5,000 yen, or approximately $42. Burger King will also be offering a month-long "Whopper Pass" for 5,000 yen ($42). At a ... [Read More]
Wolverines 11 Fang Wolverine drunk claws snikt palms
Wolverine's healing factor might seem like the best superpower until you realize it instantly metabolizes alcohol so he can't get drunk. That premise is put to the test in Wolverines #11 by writer Charles Soule and artist Ariela Kristantina. After Wolverine's death, an old drinking buddy named Fang reminiscences with his clone Laura AKA X-23. A flashback reveals Wolverine could get drunk ... [Read More]
Jimmy Fallon reveals Will Ferrell new Little Debbie mascot
Tonight Show guest Will Ferrell appeared dressed in drag as the Little Debbie, not be confused with Lil Debbie. The actor told host Jimmy Fallon that he has signed a sweet endorsement deal, which requires him to dress as the mascot at all times. "I'm not the Hollywood hunk I once was," he explained. "This mug ain't making the moola like it used to. I got a mouth to feed. This one right ... [Read More]
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver NCAA video game march madness
NCAA March Madness generates over $1 billion in advertising revenue but ironically the players never see a dime. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver explains that it's against the rules to pay so-called student athletes, a term that was coined specifically to avoid paying athletes workman's comp when they get injured. One of the justifications is that most schools don't make a profit from ... [Read More]
Scientifically Accurate Pinky and the Brain cartoon lab rats
Pinky and the Brain were lab rats genetically engineered to be comically stupid and smart but animal testing is no laughing matter reveals Animation Domination High-Def's Scientifically Accurate version of the 90s cartoon featured on Animaniacs. The rodents are subjected to cruel experiments at a cosmetics company called Mo'Real, which sounds suspiciously similar to L'Oréal. The ... [Read More]
Family Guy Stewie pregnant with Brian child Doctor (Stewie is Enceinte)
Family Guy has featured incest between every member of the Griffin family but the show hits a new low in "Stewie is Enceinte." Stewie (Seth MacFarlane) becomes worried that Brian (MacFarlane) is avoiding him. He notices that having a baby has brought together his neighbors Bonnie (Jennifer Tilly) and Joe (Patrick Warburton). "Baby's save relationships," he says in an epiphany. Stewie ... [Read More]
John Oliver declares Daylight Savings Time out-of-date
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver examines Daylight Savings Time in a segment called "How Is This Still A Thing?" Rest assured there's a reason you lose an hour of sleep every year but it has nothing to do with farmers as most people believe. It was first introduced by Germany during WWI as a fuel saving measure. Today it has little effect and actually increased electricity consumption when ... [Read More]
Conan O'Brien Cuba Rum Cigarettes smoking
Conan O'Brien has become the first American to host a television show in Cuba since Jack Paar interviewed Fidel Castro on the Tonight Show, which O'Brien briefly hosted. Conan said to wanted to capitalize on President Obama's declaration to open diplomatic relations with the  Communist country. The camera crew snuck into country from Canada ahead of Conan, he told CNN's The Lead. Neither ... [Read More]
Walking Dead Ricktatorship Rick Michonne Andrew Lincoln Sonequa Martin-Green
The Walking Dead has been a one-man-show show ever since Rick (Andrew Lincoln) woke up from his coma and took control of the group but the Ricktatorship could be coming to an end. Michonne (Sonequa Martin-Green) challenges his authority in "The Distance." Rick is reluctant to follow Aaron (Ross Marquand) to the Alexandria Safe-Zone but while the rest of the group falls in line, Michonne ... [Read More]
Power Rangers fan film Russ Bain Katee Sackhoff
The Power Rangers was a campy children's show but it's morphed into something darker, too dark for some. A "bootleg" fan film was briefly taken down from YouTube and required to include a disclaimer in order to not be confused with the franchise, which will being releasing an official Power Rangers movie in July, 2016. Producer Adi Shankar says he grew up wanting to be a Power Ranger ... [Read More]