Jimmy Kimmel usually ends each show by sarcastically apologizing to Matt Damon but the actor apologized to the host on Thursday. Steven Tyler, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were just some of the guest stars who took responsibility for the deflated footballs of the New England Patriots. Conspicuously, they all had New England accents but they insisted their actions were altruistic such as using ... [Read More]
iZombie zombie Olivia Liv Moore (Rose McIver)
Olivia "Liv" Moore (Rose McIver) is having the time of her life as a zombie. She describes herself a "dead alabaster badass" in the latest trailer for iZombie. Not everyone is thrilled about the transformation. Her oblivious family holds an invention for what they believe to be PTSD. There's also tension between Liv and her financé, Major Lilywhite (Robert Buckley). She pushes him away out ... [Read More]
Conan Kim Kardashian Super Bowl commercial T-Mobile
Conan O'Brien is a big man but he has a small blander, the host revealed in his monologue on Monday. Kim Kardashian made a surprise appearance to ensure that it wouldn't cause him to miss a T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial featuring her as a PSA spokeswoman. The narcissistic celebrity laments the loss of unused data that could have be used to download her selfies, if only they had the T-Mobile ... [Read More]
Melissa Rauch sex scene wins The Bronze
The Bronze is getting high marks at the Sundance Film Festival in no small part due to a sex scene featuring Melissa Rauch (The Big Bang Theory), who admits to using a flattering body double. Rauch portrays an Olympic gymnast desperate to stay in the spotlight after receiving a bronze medal. Film critics were reportedly rolling in the aisles as she uses her limber body to engage in acrobatic ... [Read More]
Jimmy Kimmel debuts Decemberists YouTube Comments album
Jimmy Kimmel touted the intelligent lyrics of musical guest The Decemberists. The band previewed their latest album, which consists solely of YouTube comments. Rants about celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber actually became intelligible. They even made a "work from home" spam comment riveting but best of all was their rendition of the ubiquitous "FIRST" comment. It's probably ... [Read More]
Bud Light Super Bowl commercial features life-sized Pac-Man video game
Bud Light takes the #UpForWhatever viral marketing campaign to the next level in its Super Bowl commercial. A bartender challenges a patron to some old school fun with a life-sized Pac-Man video game. He runs through the 3D maze without the benefit of a bird's eye view, which makes it all the more thrilling. For some inexplicable reason, this is not a real game but you can experience Pac-Man ... [Read More]
Charlotte McKinney naked Carl's Jr. Super Bowl commercial
Charlotte McKinney goes completely nude in a Super Bowl commercial for Carl's Jr.'s new all-natural burger. Her curvacious body is obscured by sexually suggestive fruit including an actual pair of melons. The extended director's cut reveals the burgers aren't the only things that are all-natural. The blonde bombshell has distanced herself from fellow supermodel Kate Upton, who blew up ... [Read More]
Earth 2 World's End 16 Power Girl Superman funeral Val-Zod
DC Comics will be showing less of Kara Zor-El AKA Power Girl, the Supergirl of Earth 2. The blonde bombshell closes her trademarked boob window in Earth 2: World's End #16. Earth 2 Superman dies sacrificing himself to stop an invasion by Darkseid. Kara takes a moment to hold an impromptu funeral for Kal-El, who raised her with Lois Lane as his own daughter. She is consoled by Lois in the ... [Read More]
Gremlins' Gizmo stars in Taken parody
Billy gets Taken by Gremlins in a new parody by How It Should Have Ended. It's up to Gizmo to save his friend. He explains to his captors that he has a "particular set of skills" quoting Liam Neeson's character retired CIA agent Bryan Mills. "Skills I've acquired by watching old Rambo movies," he elaborates. Before Billy is kidnapped, he manages to describe his abductors. He's ... [Read More]
Batman marries Harley Quinn Valentine's Day Special #1
Harley Quinn discards the Joker and picks up Batman in Harley Quinn Valentine's Day Special #1. She literally wins the affections of Bruce Wayne in a bachelor charity auction. Things will get serious between the unlikely couple according to DC Editor Mark Doyle. "They asked me not to tell you this, but I don't care, I'm gonna tell you," Doyle writes in the back of this week's books. "In ... [Read More]