Wired demos Comic-Con animatronic dragon on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Wired magazine gave Jimmy Kimmel the first look at the latest creation for its web series How to Make a Giant Creature. Bodock the dragon is a walking, talking animatronic creature that will be on display at Comic-Con International: San Diego this weekend. Kimmel's Hispanic sidekick Guillermo rode atop the beast and provided the voice for an unintelligible game of Simon says. Not lost in ... [Read More]
Megan Fox hosts Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles special on Nickelodeon (snow sequence)
Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Inside the Action is a behind-the-scenes special hosted by stars Megan Fox (April O'Neil) and Will Arnett (Vern Fenwick) inexplicable in front of a collection of speakers and boomboxes. Arnett stays in character as a self-centered glory hound Vern. He constantly teases his big scene, the snow sequence, in which Vern drives a big rig to help April ... [Read More]
Life with Archie 36 Archie death Kevin Betty Veronica
Archie was introduced in 1941 as the "every man" in contrast to the "super man" according to Jon Goldwater, publisher and co-CEO of Archie Comics. Even without superpowers the comic book character always manages to do the right thing and makes the ultimate sacrifice this week. "The way in which Archie dies is everything that you would expect of Archie," said Goldwater. "He dies heroically. ... [Read More]
Honey Nut Cheerios Bee mascot dies
Business is bad for Honey Nut Cheerios says its bee mascot in a rap video by Animation Domination High-Def. The rapping bee explains that bees are disappearing due to a phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). The stupid children decide to simply switch to the apple flavored cereal but a scientist points out that too is pollinated by bees. He also reveals that the bee's ... [Read More]
Robot Chicken Nerd new Doctor Who companion (Walking Dead Lobster)
Doctor Who comes to the America in the Robot Chicken episode "Walking Dead Lobster." The Robot Chicken Nerd worms his way into becoming the new companion of the Doctor, who appears to be a previous incarnation judging by the long scarf favored by the Fourth Doctor. "I've never seen the show but I feel like I've absorbed the gist of it through nerd osmosis," the American fanboy admits. ... [Read More]
Robot Chicken sics Michael Vick with Pokemon parody
NFL quarterback Michael Vick's dog fights get turned into in an actual game on the Robot Chicken episode "Walking Dead Lobster." Vick's rottweiler fights and loses against Ash's Pikachu in Pokemon Black and Blue. Vick puts the dog down, then goes to jail for animal cruelty. Nevertheless, Vick is declared the winner of the match. He gets out of jail and receives a lucrative contract, just ... [Read More]
Sin City A Dame to Kill For trailer character intros (Bruce Willis)
The latest trailer for Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For aired during the premiere of Guillermo Del Toro's The Strain on FX Network. It introduces some of the major players. Outlaws become heroes when Marv (Mickey Rourke), Nancy (Jessica Alba) and Dwight (Josh Brolin) team up to take down the corrupt Senator Roark (Powers Boothe). The latest sinner Johnny (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) ... [Read More]
Injustice Gods Among Us Year Two 13 Black Canary Harley Quinn daughter Lucy
The Joker and Harley Quinn aren't just partners in crime. Harley reveals she has a four-year-old daughter named Lucy in Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Two #13. She makes the admission after discovering Black Canary is pregnant. Harley puffs out her cheeks and imagines a fat Black Canary running around in fishnets, which prompts Canary to ask if they can go back to fighting each other because ... [Read More]
Batman The Jiro Kuwata Batmanga Cover (Lord Dead Man)
Batman: The Jiro Kuwata Batmanga is a new weekly series collecting the original 53 chapter run published in 1966 at the height of the Batman craze coinciding with the campy TV show. The manga adaptation is primarily black-and-white with minimal backgrounds and plenty of speed lines. It's printed in the original format, which is read right to left. The first chapter is a retelling of ... [Read More]
Negan gets rematch on The Walking Dead 129
In the two years since the "All Out War" story arc ended, Rick has built a thriving community at Alexandria. Negan and The Saviors may have lost the war but the spoils will be his according to three panel preview of The Walking Dead #129. "You're just getting things ready for me," Negan says from behind bars. "You know I won't be in here forever." He's presumably talking to Rick or ... [Read More]
Walking Dead season 5 preview special
This Fourth of July weekend see every Walking Dead episode from the beginning. AMC's Dead White and Blue Weekend marathon leads up to Talking Dead Season 5 Preview Special. Host Chris Hardwick interviews cast and creators between commercial breaks featuring interesting tidbits like Carl's stunt double is a 31-year-old woman. Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd discusses Terminus, a trap that ... [Read More]
Fox releases Anti-American Captain America cartoon for July 4th (Avengers - Captain America, Thor, Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man)
Fox Network's purported patriotism does not apparently extended to its web channel Animation Domination High-Def, which is celebrating Independence Day with an Captain American cartoon proclaiming we're in #1 in all the wrong ways. It highlights shameful statistics about America's standing in the world in regard to education but most of the stats are related to Americans insatiable appetite ... [Read More]
Zoe Saldana's out of this world body is all-natural
Zoe Saldana says she didn't do any special training or dieting to fit into the skin tight outfit worn by the alien assassin Gamora in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. "This suit makes me know that at 35 my ass is still like 'Okay!' " Saldana told SFX magazine. "We're past crossing lines here in the most healthy, beautiful way possible, where you get great compliments and you feel ... [Read More]