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Simpsons Burns mother Amy Schumer Monty Burns Fleeing Circus

Amy Schumer has appeared in movies, TV and commercials but she's never been this animated. The actress will guest star in three different Fox cartoons: Bob's Burgers, Simpsons and Family Guy. “She recorded all shows at once and they were very accommodating and they can pretty much record someone in any city,” said Fox chief Dana Walden. “It was just very lucky and fortuitous. It was ... [Read More]
Simpsons couch gag Adventure Time Pendleton Ward

Springfield transforms into the magical Land of Ooo in The Simpsons season premiere "Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus." The episode's couch gag titled Simpsons Time is based on the popular Cartoon Network series Adventure Time. There's even a Simpsonized Adventure Time theme song by series creator Pendleton Ward. “That was the brain child of Mike Anderson, our supervising director,” executive ... [Read More]
Conan Regina Hall Yoni Egg stone Kegel exercise

Regina Hall certainly knows how to make a segue. The actress went on Conan to promote her new movie about surrogacy titled When the Bough Breaks. She has a different kind of a bun in the oven. Hall uses Yoni Eggs, an ancient Chinese practice of placing mystical stones in the womb. The stones need to be charged for 8 hours in the Sun to obtain the mystical properties but Conan recommended ... [Read More]
Donald Trump hair mess toupee Jimmy Fallon

Donald Trump let his hair down on The Tonight Show. The presidential candidate allowed himself an undignified moment before he possibly became President. Jimmy Fallon manhandled his hair, which remained firmly attached to his head to the chagrin of many late night comics. Trump's hair has been comb-over or a toupee. Even Hillary Clinton seemed to question during her guest appearance on ... [Read More]
Doctor Who cartoon The Power Of The Daleks lost episode

Whovians know you can't kill the Doctor. He just regenerates into a new form. The same is true for the Doctor Who episodes themselves. The BBC is animating the classic Doctor Who episodes from the serial "The Power Of The Daleks." It's one of many lost episodes that were purged from the archive in order to reuse the tapes. Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks The six episode serial stars ... [Read More]
American Horror Story Sweepstakes Blind Date Creature Black Lagoon

FX has been promoting American Horror Story season 6 with a gross amount of teasers but only one is real. The AHS Sweepstakes narrows it down to just 6 possible candidates. Pick the real teaser to be entered in into the sweepstakes. One grand prize winner will receive a custom Mercedes Benz, a trip for 2 to Los Angeles to visit the set and a $500 gift card totaling and estimated value of ... [Read More]
Last Week Tonight John Oliver wink Labor Day

Labor Day is a day off for hardworking Americans and British comedians with late-night talk shows. John Oliver telecommuted in a web exclusive for Last Week Tonight, which is on hiatus until September 25. He suggested we expand on the fashion faux pas of wearing white after Labor Day. "We should be using more holidays as arbitrary points to stop doing things," he opined. Proposed ... [Read More]