Halloween prank inside carwash Ford
A group of strangers took a filmed test drive but they were asked to stopped at a car wash. "They never reached their final destination," explains The Texas Chainsaw Massacre style opening by Ford. They were greeted by attendants, who complain about not receiving a tip then violently wash the windows. The confrontation primes them for what's to come. Lights eerily flash while men in ... [Read More]
H2 Ancient Aliens season 7 premieres on Halloween Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
Ancient Aliens returns on Halloween and while not explicitly related to the devilish day, it will delve into the literal underworld in the seventh season premiere "Forbidden Caves." Inside the bowels of the earth are not only cave paintings but also crystals that could store information similar to Superman's Fortress of Solitude. In fact, last season ended by suggesting that superheroes are ... [Read More]
Walking Dead Father Gabriel Stokes Seth Gilliam TV
Seth Gilliam is used to fighting supernatural monsters on MTV's Teen Wolf but he's a bit of a coward on The Walking Dead. Gilliam plays Father Gabriel Stokes in this week's episode "Strangers." Rick (Andrew Lincoln) is wary of trusting others after his experience with the cannibals at Terminus. He's reluctant to help when the group hears someone screaming but his son Carl (Chandler Riggs) ... [Read More]
Harley Quinn Smith guest stars on Comic Book Men Baby Rots-A-Lot
Comic Book Men finally gets a woman behind the counter on the season premiere "Heir Apparent." Harley Quinn Smith stopped by the comic book store to get some experience for her upcoming lead role in Yoga Hosers, Kevin Smith's latest film documenting the glamorous life of clerks. Smith's daughter was chaperoned by Jason Mewes, his friend and co-star in Clerks. Harley's first transaction ... [Read More]
Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XXV ghosts Tracey Ullman show
The Simpsons celebrate 25 years of horror on this week's Halloween episode "Treehouse of Horror XXV." The family is haunted in a parody of The Others. The ghosts are their former incarnations from the The Tracey Ullman Show, on which they debuted in 1987. It's implied that they were murdered and buried under the house executive producer Al Jean told Entertainment Weekly. Ghost Marge flirts ... [Read More]
Injustice Gods Among Us Year Three 3 Spectre
An evil Superman has conquered the world after the death Lois and their unborn baby. There was surprisingly little resistance from superheroes possessing magic, one of his few weaknesses. The magicians are in hiding from an even more powerful magical entity in league with Superman. John Constantine swears to take down the dictator for getting the mother his daughter killed in his war with the ... [Read More]
Jimmy Kimmel has a big zucchini penis jokes
Jimmy Kimmel Live was filled with penis jokes last night. Kimmel showed off his "big zucchini" and just like an actual penis he was proud of it despite having no say in its size. "This is the most least exciting thing I've ever done in my life," the host noted about the 8 1/2 pound vegetable from his garden. "I literally did nothing to this. It just grew." Kimmel segued from not-so ... [Read More]
Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon has good news puppies weather forecast
It seems every time you turn on the news, it's all bad news so Jimmy Fallon is helping you cleanse your palate with a The Tonight Show segment titled "I've Got Good News and Good News." Real new anchors present obviously fake news stories like Republican and Democrats working together, traffic jams being completely eliminated and a weather forecast that predicts a 100% chance of puppy ... [Read More]
Football Kids cartoon features unnecessary roughness
The NFL has fumbled scandals involving football players in part by turning a blind eye to win games. Animation Domination High-Def tackles this win at any cost mentality in "Football Kids." A Pee Wee football coach excoriates his team for losing a game. He explains to them that not only let him down but the whole town because football is all they have. The speech does not encourage the ... [Read More]
The Walking Dead Dead Carpet Sweepstakes
AMC has renewed The Walking Dead for a sixth season and you can win tickets to attend the premiere. The Dead Carpet Sweepstakes will run for the first 8 weeks of season 5. Each week 2 code words will be giving during commercial breaks of premiere episodes. The deadline to enter the codes is 5:59:59 am ET the following day. Grand Prize Winner • Round-trip airfare for four to Los ... [Read More]
Andrew Lincoln says Rick's death inevitable on Walking Dead
Things aren't looking good for Andrew Lincoln on The Walking Dead. The season premiere "No Sanctuary" opens with Rick (Lincoln) bound and gagged in a slaughterhouse at Terminus. It's just a matter of time before Lincoln is written off the show he told TV & Satellite Week. "I've always maintained that, if and when Rick dies -- which is inevitable -- I'll go with it as long as it pushes the ... [Read More]
SNL host Bill Hader in teen movie parody The Group Hopper
Saturday Night Live parodies every modern-day teen movie trope in The Group Hopper. "Adapted from a YA novel written entirely in the comments section of a Hunger Games trailer," the movie trailer voice-over explains. SNL host Bill Hader stars as an Effie Trinket knock-off, who wants to suppress the teens' individuality like a typical adult. She orders them into groups like in the movie ... [Read More]
The Walking Dead No Sanctuary Terminus bat Sam Robin Lord Taylor
Can't wait to see The Walking Dead? You don't have to. AMC has uploaded the first 4 minutes of the season premiere "No Sanctuary." It's filled with spoilers starting with the origin of Terminus. A flashback reveals the group was earnest in their offer of sanctuary until those who showed up turned on them. Gareth (Andrew J. West) insists that their intentions were good despite the outcome. The ... [Read More]