Walking Dead Self Help mustache Abraham Ford Michael Cudlitz mullet Eugene Porter Josh McDermitt
Things really got hairy in The Walking Dead episode "Self Help" which is named after the bookstore section where Eugene (Josh McDermitt) spies on a sexual encounter between Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Rosita (Christian Serratos). While traveling to D.C. Rosita offers to cut Abraham's hair, which isn't the only thing getting wild. "Maybe I'll let you shave me down all over, dolphin ... [Read More]
Robot butler serves up big laughs in Wink commercial
Wink is a smart app for smart homes. "It's like a robot butler but not as awkward," touts the commercial series featuring a mechanical mascot. The ASIMO knockoff isn't just physically awkward. It develops human emotions, which leads to some awkward moments. A woman working out is leered at by her robot butler while it dusts a phallic looking cactus. It gives a whole new meaning to rise of the ... [Read More]
Jimmy Fallon translates Obama doublespeak on immigration
President Obama has insisted he doesn't have the power to single-handedly fix America's broken immigration policy but this week he announced he will take action if congress does not act. The bilingual speech was translated on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. "I've asked congress for their support but they continually shrugged me off," he explained in English, which roughly ... [Read More]
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare quick time events added VG Cats webcomic
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare received bad reviews for its use of the quick time event (QTE), which allows players to interact with cut scenes with the simple tap of a button. When the protagonist and antagonist (Kevin Spacey) attend a funeral for a fallen solider, the player is prompted to pay his respects by holding a button. More morose moments are reduced to QTEs in the latest VG Cats ... [Read More]
Guardians of the Galaxy gets super-sized parody
Guardians of the Galaxy plot holes get filled in a new parody by How It Should Have Ended. The 6-minute long video addresses everything from the improbable dance off scene to Yondu whistling armed guards to death without any of them taking the shot. Unfortunately, there's no mention of how the Walkman batteries are still working after all this time. If you thought the Howard the Duck cameo ... [Read More]
SNL Dudleys sitcom Woody Harrelson Kenan Thompson Uzo Aduba
Saturday Night Live host Woody Harrelson stars in a parody of politically correct sitcoms. CBS' The Dudleys is initially a generic sitcom featuring Beck Bennett and Kate McKinnon as a generic white family with two adorable girls. The network continually recasts the characters to make the show more diverse. Harrelson and Kenan Thompson are cast as a gay couple and Uzo Aduba (Orange Is the New ... [Read More]
John Oliver fires salmon cannon at Jon Stewart Jimmy Fallon and Homer Simpson
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver went out with bang in its season finale. The host built his own version of a salmon cannon, which helps the fish get past dams so that they can spawn upriver. This cannon fired fish at various celebrities starting with his old boss Jon Stewart in the middle of filming the Daily Show. Oliver schooled other celebs including Anderson Cooper, Stephen Colbert, ... [Read More]
Norman volume 1 Stan Silas preview cover
Even in the slasher genre, kids are usually off limits but Norman can get away with it because he is a kid! This horror comedy follows a disturbed little boy and an imaginary devil sitting on his shoulder. Imagine if Calvin and Hobbes went on a killing spree. The iconic hockey mask he wears is no coincidence. Norman wants to emulate his heroes: Jason Vorhees, Michael Myers and Freddy Freddy ... [Read More]
Simpsons Futurama crossover couch gag features Hedonismbot Simpsorama
The cancelled series Futurama returns in this week's Simpsons episode "Simpsorama." The couch gag features a Futurama opening with the caption "A show out of ideas teams up with a show out of episodes." The Simpsons' couch transforms into Hedonismbot (Maurice LaMarche). He tells them to get comfortable but the whole family immediately gets up except for Homer (Dan Castellaneta). "Hey a ... [Read More]
John Oliver Last Week Tonight Home Depot Nick Offerman H. Jon Benjamin Sarah Baker
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has created a Home Depot commercial starring the very personable Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation) in response to news that Lowe's is currently testing robotic shopping assistants at an Orchard Supply Hardware store in midtown San Jose, California. The OSHbot can help you find what your looking for but it can't diffuse arguments between ... [Read More]