Cheetos pulls cheesy pranks for Halloween Cheetos Bag of Bones
Cheetos is getting into the spirit of the season with its new limited-edition Bag of Bones, which features scary shapes like skulls, rib cages, bones and hands. They're even using a little Halloween-themed prankvertising. The pranks are set in a ghostery store. It's exactly like a like regular grocery store expect for the pranks, which makes the unsuspecting victims all the more shocked. ... [Read More]
Halloween commercials 2014 REDDS Wicked Apple Ale
Everything becomes scarier around Halloween even TV commercials. Here are some of this year's best Halloween commercials featuring movie monsters, ghosts and other thing that go bump in the night. Geico commercial: A parody of a cliche horror movie where the characters make poor choices. A blonde suggests they get in the running car but her companions call her crazy and hide behind ... [Read More]
Back to the Future Hoverboard funded through Kickstarter
Back to the Future II promised us flying skateboards known as hoverboards by the far-flung year of 2015! So far the closest we gotten are movie replicas such as a levitating art exhibit and a non-working limited edition hoverboard from Mattel toys. Now a fully functional prototype has been successfully funded on Kickstarter. The Hendo Hoverboard can support up 250 pounds as it seamlessly ... [Read More]
Ultron destroys Iron Man in Avengers 2 trailer Age of Ultron
Marvel quickly assembled to upload the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer after it was leaked Wednesday. The much anticipated trailer was meant to debut next week on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Iron Man was literally crushed by the release. An unmanned Iron Man armor has its head pulverized by Ultron (James Spader), who gives a classic supervillain speech accusing the Avengers of being ... [Read More]
Sthenurus stirlingi strong tail giant kangaroo
You have to crawl before you can walk, unless you're a kangaroo. Modern kangaroos hop or use all four limbs and tail for pentapedal locomotion but prehistoric kangaroos walked, according to a paper published in the journal PLOS ONE. Sthenurus stirlingi (short-faced, giant kangaroo) lived for 12.5 million years until going extinct 30,000 years ago. The giant kangaroo was 6-1/2 feet tall, 10 ... [Read More]
Supersized chickens product of selective breeding Ultra Mega Chicken Aqua Teen Hunger Force
We have a big appetite for chicken, which has directly led to bigger chickens. Modern chickens, known as Ross 308 broiler strain, are four times larger than their counterparts from 1957 and double the size of those from 1978 according to a study published in the journal Poultry Science. The supersized chickens aren't the result of hormones, steroids or genetic manipulation but rather ... [Read More]
Injustice Gods Among Us Year Three 4 Batman vs Spectre
Ever since Superman broke Batman's back, the superhero has been hiding out in the Batcave but he makes a comeback in Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Three #4. John Constantine gathers superheroes and magicians at the home of Jason Blood AKA Etrigan the Demon. They're also hiding, not from Superman but his magical ally the Spectre, the Spirit of Vengeance. Detective Harvey Bullock ... [Read More]
ABC Family prank show Freak Out sneak peek
ABC Family makes your nightmares reality its new series Freak Out. The prank show is the network's first unscripted series since President Tom Ascheim was hired. “I’m glad to get reality back on our schedule and to continue to grow our original programming,” Ascheim told The Hollywood Reporter. “Scary can be funny, and this series is sure to deliver the ‘sclaughing’ -- the ... [Read More]
Texas Chainsaw Massacre prank is frighteningly real Nick Santonastasso
It's not unusual for movie monsters show up on Halloween but one Leatherface was a little too real for the victims of a Texas Chainsaw Massacre prank. The man in a cheap monster mask wasn't particularly frightening but his human prop was. He appeared to carve up a live person hung from a meat hook. Just seeing the disemboweled man crawling on the floor was enough to send people ... [Read More]
Zombie scarecrow needs brains in selfie prank
The Wizard of Oz taught us that scarecrows have an insatiable hunger for brains. That's because they're ZOMBIES! Prankster Ed Bassmaster dressed as a zombie underneath a friendly looking scarecrow Halloween costume. He unmasked while taking selfies with unsuspecting pedestrians on the streets of Philadelphia. The City of Brotherly Love didn't live up to its name when one prank victim nearly ... [Read More]
Gotham TV series Arkham Liza (Makenzie Leigh) lesbian
Gotham has been dubbed Gaythem after the airing of the lesbian filled episode "Arkham." Barbara Kean (Erin Richards) AKA Batgirl's mother reveals she 'teamed up' with Detective Renee Montoya AKA The Question (Victoria Cartagena), who is one of the few lesbian characters in DC Comics though Barbara is not one of them. "Years ago before I was with you, she and I were in a relationship," she ... [Read More]
Halloween prank inside carwash Ford
A group of strangers took a filmed test drive but they were asked to stopped at a car wash. "They never reached their final destination," explains The Texas Chainsaw Massacre style opening by Ford. They were greeted by attendants, who complain about not receiving a tip then violently wash the windows. The confrontation primes them for what's to come. Lights eerily flash while men in ... [Read More]
H2 Ancient Aliens season 7 premieres on Halloween Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
Ancient Aliens returns on Halloween and while not explicitly related to the devilish day, it will delve into the literal underworld in the seventh season premiere "Forbidden Caves." Inside the bowels of the earth are not only cave paintings but also crystals that could store information similar to Superman's Fortress of Solitude. In fact, last season ended by suggesting that superheroes are ... [Read More]