Jimmy Fallon birthday: Seth Rogen, James Franco, Stevie Wonder
Jimmy Fallon celebrated his 40th birthday on the Tonight Show with special guests: Seth Rogen, James Franco and Stevie Wonder. Rogen and Franco jumped out a birthday cake naked! Rogen literally exploded all over the floor, firing off streamers. While Franco, dressed as a sexy cop stripper, tried to arrest the host. This was one of those birthday gifts that was also for the giver. The actors ... [Read More]
Kaley Cuoco spanked Anthony Anderson Jimmy Kimmel famous celebrity
Kaley Cuoco is extremely competitive she revealed on Jimmy Kimmy Live. Cuoco was "pissed" after losing to Anthony Anderson in "Name That Famous Celebrity" hosted by the intelligible Yehya, who describes celebrities to the blindfolded contestant. Anderson maintained a lead throughout the game. He even argued that Kaley should lose points for not saying Hulk Hogan's full name. "I am going to ... [Read More]
Epic Meal Empire Fat Midnight Harley Morenstein Chris Hardwick
Epic Meal Empire host Harley Morenstein wanted a big celebrity guest on this week's episode "Fat Midnight" but Sir Elton John was busy so they got Chris Hardwick, host of the internet-themed game show @midnight. Harley sat down down with Hardwick to pick his brain about what to prepare for him and his staff. "What does the internet taste like," Hardwick pondered. "I guess it would just be ... [Read More]
Black Robin Duke Thomas Batman and Robin Futures End 1
Batman finally has his Robin but it's not the one we were expecting. The Dark Knight teams up with a black Robin in Batman and Robin: Futures End #1 by writer Ray Fawkes. The Futures End series is set 5 years in the future. Bruce Wayne still hasn't gotten over the loss of his son and former Robin, Damian, whom he is attempting to resurrect in the current timeline. He goes up against ... [Read More]
Injustice Gods Among Us Year Two 24 Doctor Fate Black Canary dead
First Superman beat Green Arrow to death then he killed Black Canary with his heat vision orphaning their infant son, Conner Lance-Queen. That is until Doctor Fate intervenes in the epilogue of Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Two #24. Fate saves Canary against the wishes of Nabu, the Lord of Order that inhabits and empowers his magical helmet. He transports mother and child to a ... [Read More]
Jane Fonda breasts fake star reveals to Jimmy Kimmel This is Where I Leave You
Jane Fonda stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote her new movie This is Where I Leave You but the real star was her chest. Kimmel showed the much talked about scene in which her character, Hillary Altman, falls out of her robe in front of her son, who accuses her of having bionic breasts. In fact, they were silicone breasts molded on top of her actual breasts. The stunt doubles were light ... [Read More]
Conan builds Minecraft strip club
Minecraft developer Mojang has been acquired by Microsoft for $2.5 billion. Not surprisingly, the founders will all be stepping down, including Markus Persson, Minecraft creator and majority shareholder. Persson will still be playing with "boxes." Late night comedian Conan O'Brien was actually there when Microsoft made the offer to Persson, who looks exactly like the characters in his ... [Read More]
Kanye West tells wheelchair bound to stand up at concert South Park Timmy
Kanye West doesn't just enjoy interrupting others on stage like Taylor Swift. He even does it to himself. Kayne demanded everyone stand up before continuing his performance in Sydney, Australia. He waited several minutes before realizing the two holdouts were a man in a wheelchair and a woman with a prosthetic limb that she had to wave at him to prove her disability. Before realizing his ... [Read More]
John Oliver makes big romantic gesture for Scotland to stay in UK
This Thursday Scotland votes on independence and England hasn't given them a convincing reason to stay according to Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. The English host said there's been a history of animosity towards their neighbor to the north. He cited examples such as banning kilts and a national anthem that at one time included the verse "rebellious Scots to crush." ... [Read More]
Space Dandy video game warps into anime series Dr Gel Bea 2D universe
The Space Dandy video game Super Space Galaga has made numerous appearance on the show. Meow (Joel McDonald) plays it on his phone when they're not busy catching aliens, which is most of the time. But playtime is over on this week's episode "An Other-Dimensional Tale, Baby." Prince Paul warps his 2D universe into the 3D universe to chase after Dandy's ex-girlfriend Catherine, a fourth ... [Read More]
Simpsons Groundskeeper Willie votes Aye for Scottish Independence
The world's most famous (animated) Scotsman is skirting around next week's referendum on Independence for Scotland. The Simpsons' Groundskeeper Willie says he's hesitant to throw his support to either side "be it the right one or the obviously wrong one." "Both sides have valid points," he insists. "The freedom loving heirs of the highland tradition and those who enjoy crawling like worms ... [Read More]
Beetlejuice Halloween costumes Adam and Barbara Maitland Stretchy Face
Lots of fanboys will be donning a Beetlejuice mask this Halloween now that a Beetlejuice sequel is in the works but not everyone can be the "ghost with the most." If you're looking for something a little more obscure that won't have you running into your doppelganger, Adam and Barbara Maitland are the perfect choice for fans of this cult classic. The recently deceased couple repeatedly tries to ... [Read More]
Face Off brings movie posters to life Killer Instinct The Second Chumming
Face Off contestants got to work on actual movies in this week's episode "Killer Instinct." They created their own movie monsters based on fictional horror movie posters complete with taglines. The Creative Directors for Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood and Orlando made a special appearance to announce they would feature the winning makeups from past seasons as well as the winner of the ... [Read More]