Walking Dead Ricktatorship Rick Michonne Andrew Lincoln Sonequa Martin-Green
The Walking Dead has been a one-man-show show ever since Rick (Andrew Lincoln) woke up from his coma and took control of the group but the Ricktatorship could be coming to an end. Michonne (Sonequa Martin-Green) challenges his authority in "The Distance." Rick is reluctant to follow Aaron (Ross Marquand) to the Alexandria Safe-Zone but while the rest of the group falls in line, Michonne ... [Read More]
Power Rangers fan film Russ Bain Katee Sackhoff
The Power Rangers was a campy children's show but it's morphed into something darker, too dark for some. A "bootleg" fan film was briefly taken down from YouTube and required to include a disclaimer in order to not be confused with the franchise, which will being releasing an official Power Rangers movie in July, 2016. Producer Adi Shankar says he grew up wanting to be a Power Ranger ... [Read More]
Conan tries gay dating app Grindr Billy Eichner van Cher Liza Minnelli
Conan O'Brien struck out on the dating app Tinder so the straight, married man tried his luck on Grindr with the aid of gay comedian Billy Eichner, who explained that the dating app is solely intended for gay men hooking up for sex. The ginger host created a profile under the name "Frecklefucker," which got several responses including one from someone going by "Looking to suck." In the ... [Read More]
Ted 2 talking teddy bear plush jersey suit scuba tuxedo wife beater tank top
Ted 2 may have a little star but he's got a big mouth. Seth MacFarlane voices the foul-mouthed teddy bear for a series of talking plushes by Commonwealth toys. Each plush features 5 phrases from the movie in either clean or explicit rated R versions. The plushes are available in sizes from 8-inches up to 24-inches but only the 16-inch version features an authentic moving mouth that makes ... [Read More]
Comic Book Men Boba Fett Rocket Firing prototype My Favorite Munster
Comic Book Men found the holy grail of Star Wars action figures in the week's episode "My Favorite Munster." The Secret Stash was solicited with a rocket firing Boba Fett prototype saved by an engineer at Kenner toys. The dangerous toy was cancelled after a wrongful death lawsuit involving a child choking on a projectile from Mattel's Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper. "The crown jewel ... [Read More]
Walking Dead Christian Serratos Playboy
The Walking Dead's Christian Serratos trades in her tank top and cargo shorts for lingerie in March issue of Playboy. The post-apocalyptic badass says she appreciates tomboys but being a woman "resonates in all worlds." "I can be ultrafeminine," Serratos said. "That's why I love what Playboy stands for. I love the idea of a woman being a woman." The curvy woman looks delicious but it's ... [Read More]
Walking Dead 67 Aaron Ross Marquand Them
Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman recently confirmed that Daryl (Norman Reedus) is straight but teased the debut of a "prominent gay character", likely Aaron portrayed by Ross Marquand. Aaron and his boyfriend Eric scout out possible recruits to join a walled-off community known as the Alexandria Safe-Zone, the group's current and longest home in the comic. His entrance in the episode ... [Read More]
Doctor Who resurrects Missy the female Master (Michelle Gomez)
Actress Michelle Gomez will reprise her role as Missy on Doctor Who despite having died in the season finale "Death in Heaven." She was seemingly disintegrated by a blast from the Doctor's old ally the Brigadier, who had been downloaded into a Cyberman body. Of course, the bright flash could have just as easily been a teleportation beam. It's also possible she downloaded her mind into another ... [Read More]
Jon Cryer gay kiss Ashton Kutcher Conan Obrien
Two and a Half Men stars Jon Cryer and Ashton Kutcher portray a gay couple on the show but apparently only one of them is acting. When Conan O'Brien asked the men about their frequent on-screen kisses Cryer called Ashton an "excellent kisser" however the feeling wasn't mutual. "If you want to know if you're not gay, kiss a dude because if you feel nothing, you know," Kutcher explained. ... [Read More]
Bates Motel season 3 trailer features crossdressing and incest Vera Farmiga Freddie Highmore
Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) gets a makeover on Bates Motel. The season finale debuted his split personality that allowed him to beat a lie detector test regarding the murder of his high school teacher, Blair Watson (Keegan Connor Tracy). Norman's mother Norma (Vera Farmiga) convinces him that she was the one who killed Miss Watson. He reconciles his memories by becoming his mother. The ... [Read More]