Absolutely, just ask 50 year-old virgin Pastor Dave (video right). True enough, we live in a over-sexed instant gratification world but was it not God himself who said ‘go forth and bump uglies.’ In addition to Godtube’s sex embargo, violence and profanity are also big no-nos. Again this is totally contradictory to the Bible. Remember a little someone by the name of Jesus. He was quite the rabble rouser himself: flipping over marketplace tables, badmouthing the corrupt Jewish priests, jaywalking.

But apparently the kids ain’t down with historical Jesus. Explains Godtube creator Chris Wyatt, “We apply Web technology to the gospel in a way that appeals to young people. We call it Jesus 2.0.” Yes cause if there’s one thing the kids can’t get enough of it’s chastity.

So when we wash away all the sin exactly what kind of user-generated content are we left with? Bad Star Trek parodies of course. (video left) In this exciting episode, Captain KKKirk and his 1st officer search for intelligent life on other planets. Unfortunately, they only find scientists, evolutionists, and atheists oh my. Blasphemy! This is an outrageous affront to Star Trek fans! Star Trek was all about tolerance, Gene Roddenberry must be rolling over in his grave. Godtube may you reap what you sow.

Post Postscript: isn’t it cute how they use a lttle cross in their logo.
Who’s a little Jesus? Who died for our sins? Who died for our sins? Yes you did… Yes you did…