It’s high time we put this does size matter debate to bed. No longer will we make excuses like ‘it’s cold’ or ‘I’m a grower not a shower’. Stand up my brethren and be firm in your conviction that your dick is not a baby penis it’s an ‘oh baby’ penis.

It’s said that art often imitates life and sex relations are no exception. As The 40 Year Old Virgin put it, the problem is that men (and women) are putting the pussy on a pedestal. We’ve literally empowered the vagina with superhuman like stature (see: Does The D in DC Comics Stand for Deflowering).

In truth with the exception of what medical science calls ‘big/huge vagina’ (a condition that frequently occurs as a result of child birth) popularized on Curb Your Enthusiasm (video right), the vagina is more of a mound than a mountain, averaging only 3 to 4 inches in length and a width of ZERO while at rest! This means even a 4-inch-long cockasaurus (formerly relegated to the status of baby penis) will completely fill your average vagina. Moreover, the vagina is only capable of stretching to twice its normal length. In other words, anything over 8 inches is overkill, literally.

And when you consider the average penis measures between 5 to 6 inches and factor in an inch of skewage, as well-endowed men are more likely to participate in these surveys, we come to the realization that the worth of an inch much like the dollar has sorely been devalued. What I like to called penis deflation. So take a lesson from Family Guy’s Stewie Griffin (video right) and be secure in your manhood cause otherwise you’re just perpetuating the myth of small penis!