I’m starting to think Muslims are beyond help/hope. They arrested a British woman for naming a teddy bear Muhammad. They’ve used retarded women as suicide bombers and children as soldiers. Then I saw this on the news: Hamas Bunny (video below), a costumed bunny on a children’s show talking about eating up the Jews. The funny thing is this isn’t an aberration a quick once over of memritv.org reveals the pervasiveness of Muslim propaganda.

Much like the Puritans, Muslims seem to see evil everywhere but themselves. A modern day witch trial is taking place right now in Saudi Arabia. Fawza Falih is currently awaiting execution for practicing witchcraft. The evidence? Robes hung a door, money in pocket, neighbors who claim she made them impotent, and a confession given after she was beaten for 2 weeks. But it’s not surprising they believe in witches, the Muslim version of Dr. Wizard believes the Earth & Sun are flat. Basically he says the reason objects “seem” to appear from the beneath the horizon is because you’re seeing them with the top half of your eyes, which are higher up. The bottoms of your eyes are closer to the ground so they can’t see the object until it gets closer.

So here’s the deal Muslims don’t do anything crazy for 30 days (starting Feb 18th 2008) and I’ll take down L7 World’s Muslim bear mascot, but if you mess up again I’m gonna strap a bomb to his furry belly and blow him up. And since Allah and Muhammad are currently the top choices in the naming poll that’s bad news bear for you! Talk about high stakes – I can hardly bear it. But knowing Muslims innate insanity this is barely a bet. [puns end here]