realtouch Debuting at AVN’s Adult Entertainment Expo, Realtouch is an artificial vagina that simulates various porn stars, including newcomer Amy Fisher so your wife is completely safe (can’t win ’em all).

The device, which was supposedly developed by a NASA engineer, connects to your computer and synchronizes its movements to mimic movies from the site’s Video-On-Demand library. It comes with 30 minutes free, but after that it’s $1 a minute (gives a whole new meaning to a dollar and a dream).

Jim “GonZo” McAnally, AEBN’s marketing and communications director, calls it “the first sex toy ever with a residual income.” However this type of business model does raise some concerns. Not least of which is cost because unless you’re a minuteman, it might be cheaper to just get the real thing. And then there are the technical problems. On a user named tebet commented “The only problem I have is with the movies “Buffering” any suggestions?” And we all know buffering can really interfere with your… uh, loading.