Woman in a Box 2

A movie about a box within a box? It blows my mind (among other things) just thinking about it! I know what you’re thinking: ‘Do I need to see Woman in Box 1 first?’ Heck, you don’t need to even see this one, that is unless you hate women with a passion. Woman in a Box 2 is a pinku eiga (soft porn) that takes Stockholm syndrome to new heights (or lows).

After his wife leaves him, a ski lodge manager takes his anger out on the married guests by abducting the wives and locking them in a small box. Only when they’re completely broken sexual & mentally does he return them to their husbands in… wait for it, shipping boxes! But all that changes when meets Hiroko, who is strangely resistant to his charms, such as making her a fancy breakfast after he rapes her and even upgrading her from a rickety crate to the deluxe model pictured above (ungrateful bitch). But unlike his other victims, Hiroko has no where else to go after her husband is turned in vegetable during a skiing “accident.”

The ending is both expected & shocking at the same time, but doesn’t give any real resolution to the “story.” The only time we get any real insight into the antagonist is when he blurts out how much he hates women’s dependence, which seems to be a projection of his own needs. But I might be giving the screenwriter too much credit. Also unexplained is the rapist’s sister-in-law throwing herself at him despite apparently knowing what he was doing. However she never does anything about it, neither helping nor hurting the women. It seems she’s only there to add an incestuous flair. But if you’re looking for anything gratuitous you won’t find it here. The sex scenes are highly censored and not just the usual pixelated genitals. There’s one scene in particular where you’d think there’d be no need for censoring, in which the sister-in-law is on top of her boyfriend, but both their hips are entirely pixelated. And I’m not even talking about form-fitting pixels these are just giant circles!

If you simply must see women getting boxed, you can buy it @ http://www.uplink.co.jp/cgi-bin/shop.cgi?action=detail&cat_key=new&id=241 (no subs) or download it @ http://asiandvdclub.org/details.php?id=26207&dllist=1 (english subs).