The Air Sex World Championships are living up the name and going international this year. Brits will have a chance to show off their skills at simulated sex in 2014.

“Every single person from the UK who has seen the show tells me it would be amazing over there,” says creator Chris Trew. “I think it will vibe well with the comedic sensibilities as well — it really needs to happen as soon as possible.”

Air Sex World Championship 5th Annual National Championships show - Cuntastrophe champion
Cuntastrophe miming what’s clearly a melting ice cream cone.

It’ll take more than a stiff upper lip to win this competition. Contestants have just 2 minutes to perform an Air Sex routine that can include everything from foreplay to orgasm. Their partners must be imaginary but props are allowed.

“Air Sex is a party,” Trew touts. “Air Sex is an amazing comedy show. Air Sex is a sport where you are invested in the outcome.”

Hopefuls would do well to emulate three-time winner Cuntastrophe, who opts for realism that gets a big response from the mostly male crowd that ultimately judges the winner.

“Sex is a big part of life and framing it in a way that allows us to laugh at it is a very powerful thing,” Trew added. “The bottom line is the Air Sex Championships is hilarious and you want to witness it.”

Americans can still hold on to the title, though. The NYC winter classic will be held at the DROM on February 7, tickets are $15 or $20 at the door.