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Sausage Party prank starring Seth Rogen

Sausage Party prank starring Seth Rogen

Food comes to life in the animated movie Sausage Party but what if it were to happen in the real world? Seth Rogen reprises his role as Frank the sausage and other various talking food in a delicious prank. A New York grocery store is stocked with animatronic food voiced by Rogen. Anthropomorphic food turns even jaded New Yorkers into jumping beans but they give flippant responses after the ... [Read More]
Godzilla Resurgence Shin Godzilla-4D attraction Universal Studios Japan

Godzilla 4D attraction coming to Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan has announced its biggest ride ever: "Godzilla: The Real 4D." A 4D attraction is a 3D movie that interacts with audience by moving the seats to simulate the movement seen on the screen. An added sense of realism is achieved with effects such as wind, smoke, rain and even smells. That's right, we might actually get to smell Godzilla! That could be the scariest part ... [Read More]
Conan V Andy Batman V Superman parody Comic-Con

Conan’s hair-raising Batman V Superman parody

Conan O'Brien and sidekick Andy Richter get into a not-so civil war in the cold open to Conan's Comic-Con special. Conan V Andy parodies the Batman V Superman fight scene but it looks more like a Kung Fu movie than a superhero movie. Conan's gravity defying hair goes up, up and away into Andy's jaw. Let's see Superman's spit curl do that. Neither of the men can remember why they're ... [Read More]
Spring Break Zombie Massacre movie Sam Suchmann and Mattie Zufelt Down Syndrome

Spring Break Zombie Massacre writers have Down Syndrome

Creativity knows no bounds, not even disability. Best friends Sam Suchmann and Mattie Zufelt didn't let Down Syndrome stop them from making "The greatest Teen Zombie Movie ever made." They raised $69K on Kickstarter to fund Spring Break Zombie Massacre, which received the red carpet treatment in their hometown of Rhode Island. “Me and Mattie are different, but our bro-ship is bigger ... [Read More]
Captain America Civil War Zemo brainwahing Bucky

Captain America: Civil War alternate ending Bucky brainwashing

The Winter Soldier manages to resist being brainwashed in a Captain America: Civil War parody by How It Should Have Ended. When Zemo attempts to use the trigger words, Bucky simply sticks his fingers in his ears. It's a plot hole that could have been avoided had Tony Stark removed the bionic arm used to strangle his mother! The assassin even manages to avoid the whole conflict by sincerely ... [Read More]
Batman v Superman parody cats Batcat v Supercat

Batman v Superman parody with cats!

DC Comics superheroes have another catfight in Batcat v Supercat, the latest feline film from Kaipo Jones (Wolverine cat and Cyclops cat). Filming started months before the release of Batman v Superman, which Jones admits he still hasn't seen. The short film focuses on the premise of unchecked superpowers leading to catastrophe. Supercat destroys Metropolis while following a Kryptonite ... [Read More]
Suicide Squad Music Video Sucker for Pain by Imagine Dragons Dan Reynolds

Suicide Squad Music Video: Sucker for Pain behind-the-scenes

The Suicide Squad music video features its own motley crew of bad boys. Imagine Dragons lead singer Dan Reynolds, X Ambassadors' Sam Harris, Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign, Logic and Lil Wayne team up on "Sucker for Pain." The artists are incarcerated just like their comic book counterparts. Each jailbird sings separately mirroring the reluctant team Task Force X AKA Suicide Squad. But they ... [Read More]