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Hardees Carls Jr commercial Emily Sears Genevieve Morton Elena Belle lesbian 3-way fantasy

Carl’s Jr commercial has threesome fantasy too sexy for TV

Carl's Jr. & Hardee's new Bacon 3-Way Burger features a spokesmodel threesome: Australian model Emily Sears, Swedish model Elena Belle and South African model Genevieve Morton, who showed off her buns in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue 2015. "I'm so excited to be a part of such an iconic campaign," Genevieve told SI. "I've always wanted to work with director Chris Applebaum; his direction ... [Read More]
X-Men Apocalypse Voldemort hair Deadpool

X-Men Apocalypse gets hair–raising makeover by fans

How It Should Have Ended has released their latest parody on X-Men: Apocalypse based on over 18k comments submitted by fans. Apocalypse is the butt of jokes. He second-guesses his dubious choice of Angel as one the four horsemen. The X-Men point out that "Apocalypse" has only killed a handful of people despite having access to the world's nuclear arsenal. His real talent is apparently giving ... [Read More]
Homer Simpson plays Pokemon Go

Simpsons satirize Pokemon Go

Homer Simpson becomes obsessed with Pokemon Go in an online 'exclusive' animation. He completely ignores his wayward children during a trip to the zoo with deadly consequences. How did Fox managed such a quick turnaround for the animation? They didn't. It's actually stock footage from "A Tree Grows in Springfield." The dialogue is virtually identical except Homer is searching for the ... [Read More]
Captain America Civil War Zemo brainwahing Bucky

Captain America: Civil War alternate ending Bucky brainwashing

The Winter Soldier manages to resist being brainwashed in a Captain America: Civil War parody by How It Should Have Ended. When Zemo attempts to use the trigger words, Bucky simply sticks his fingers in his ears. It's a plot hole that could have been avoided had Tony Stark removed the bionic arm used to strangle his mother! The assassin even manages to avoid the whole conflict by sincerely ... [Read More]
Batman v Superman parody cats Batcat v Supercat

Batman v Superman parody with cats!

DC Comics superheroes have another catfight in Batcat v Supercat, the latest feline film from Kaipo Jones (Wolverine cat and Cyclops cat). Filming started months before the release of Batman v Superman, which Jones admits he still hasn't seen. The short film focuses on the premise of unchecked superpowers leading to catastrophe. Supercat destroys Metropolis while following a Kryptonite ... [Read More]
YouTube Snoop Dogg SnoopaVision April Fools Day

Snoop Dogg debuts SnoopaVision on YouTube for April Fools

Snoop Dogg is blazing the way for immersive video. YouTube is introducing a new feature dubbed SnoopaVision. Visitors can enable it to watch 360 degree videos with Snoop providing commentary. "This technology is so immersive that sometime...man, I forget if I'm in a video or real life," touts the rapper. SnoopaVision is currently in beta and won't be available sitewide until the year ... [Read More]
Frankensteinfeld Frankenstein cartoon parody Jerry Seinfeld

Frankenstein meets Seinfeld in Frankensteinfeld

Animation Domination High-Def implants the brain of comedian Jerry Seinfeld into the body of Frankenstein's monster in Frankensteinfeld. The Seinfeld parody examines plot holes in the story such the monster's green skin, flat head and his not-so sensible shoes. At his apartment there are appearances by Newman as the Wolf Man and Elaine as the Bride of Frakenstein. He points out that the ... [Read More]