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BBC Click Dan Simmons Chinese funeral 3D printer Shanghai Longhua funeral home

Chinese funeral home uses 3D printer to make faces for dead

Chinese funerals are open casket to give loved ones a chance for a face-to-face farewell. Unfortunately, the tragic Tianjin explosions left more than hundred bodies unrecognizable. Traditional wax modelers were unable to sculpt all the faces in time for their funerals. Shanghai Longhua funeral home was able to cut the wait time for prosthetic faces from weeks to hours with the use of 3D ... [Read More]
Michael Phelps Olympic gold medal heart hand

Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps’ flag salute is all wet

Michael Phelps is the winningest Olympic athlete in history. Phelps won his 19th gold medal while leading his team to victory in the 400 freestyle relay. He even managed to stand out during award ceremony. His teammates: Nathan Adrian, Ryan Held and Caeleb Dressel; held their heads and hands high but Phelps seemed to be grasping at his rib cage. The right hand is held over the heart when ... [Read More]
Rick and Morty courtroom reenactment State of Georgia Vs. Denver Fenton Allen

Rick and Morty have animated discussion in courtroom reenactment

Rick and Morty reenact the State of Georgia Vs. Denver Fenton Allen, which went viral because of the profanity-laced exchange between the defendant & judge. Justin Roiland voices both cartoon characters, which is fitting as the childish back-and-forth sounds like someone arguing with themselves. The foul-mouthed defendant clearly got under the skin of Superior Court Judge Bryant Durham Jr., ... [Read More]
Godzilla Resurgence Shin Godzilla-4D attraction Universal Studios Japan

Godzilla 4D attraction coming to Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan has announced its biggest ride ever: "Godzilla: The Real 4D." A 4D attraction is a 3D movie that interacts with audience by moving the seats to simulate the movement seen on the screen. An added sense of realism is achieved with effects such as wind, smoke, rain and even smells. That's right, we might actually get to smell Godzilla! That could be the scariest part ... [Read More]
Gay Zombies Canada LGBT Pride Parade

Gay Zombies spread message of hate at LGBT Pride Parade

Zombie camouflage doesn't just work on The Walking Dead. Anti-gay Christian activists disguised themselves as "gay zombies" to infiltrate a LGBT Pride Parade in Toronto, Canada. "Sadly, in order to deliver this much needed truth he had to disguise himself as a 'gay' zombie because the parade was too intolerant to accept him as an "out of the closet" Christian man who speaks the truth ... [Read More]
Saturday Night Live SNL Gods Not Dead parody mocks anti-gay laws

SNL God’s Not Dead parody mocks anti-gay laws

Saturday Night Live affirms God is a Boob Man in a movie parody of God's Not Dead 2. Vanessa Bayer stars as Beth, a baker who refuses to make a wedding cake for a gay couple (Taran Killam and Jon Rudnitsky). The men are portrayed as insufferable bullies determined to force Christians to comprise their beliefs. "Christians are the most oppressed group in this country," Beth tells her ... [Read More]
Utah bar jail cell halloween drunk driving

Bar bathroom dressed up as jail cell for Halloween

When Halloween falls on a weekend, traffic fatalities rise 30 percent so this year police are trying to scare drunk drivers sober in Utah. SkySLC had its bar bathrooms transformed to look like a jail cells. To complete the effect patrons see themselves in a jail uniform when they look in the mirror. "Ever wonder what a DUI looks like?" asks the campaign by the Utah Highway Patrol and the ... [Read More]