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Walking Dead Terminus cannibal zombie burger infographic

Real-life Terminus serves cannibal burgers for Walking Dead promo

In The Walking Dead season 5 Rick and the others escape from the cannibals at Terminus but UK fans want in. A pop-up restaurant served cannibal burgers in London on Tuesday to promote the show. "With fans up and down the country hungry for Season 5 of The Walking Dead, this is certainly a unique tribute to the series," said Chef James Thomlinson. "My food is inspired by flavor combinations ... [Read More]
Kate Middleton is a royal pain in the ass (Lance Stephenson blowing)

Kate Middleton is a royal pain in the ass

The British bend over backs to respect the privacy of the Royal Family but foreign press aren't as kind. Kate Middleton's royal rump graced the pages of the German newspaper Bild. While on a tour Down Under, her dress was lifted up by a gust of wind reportedly from her helicopter; however, Indiana Pacers' Lance Stephenson whereabouts have yet to be unaccounted for. The completely innocent ... [Read More]
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hiring

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hiring

Hooligans beware! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have put up help wanted ads on storm drain covers around Newcastle, England. It's not the latest case of viral marketing by a movie studio but a joke by British barber Patrick Forster. He's pulled similar stunts in the past but this time the city council put their foot down. They made him put the flyers in the shredder and issued a £240 ... [Read More]
Air Sex World Championship 5th Annual National Championships show - Cuntastrophe champion

Air Sex Coming to UK

The Air Sex World Championships are living up the name and going international this year. Brits will have a chance to show off their skills at simulated sex in 2014. “Every single person from the UK who has seen the show tells me it would be amazing over there," says creator Chris Trew. “I think it will vibe well with the comedic sensibilities as well — it really needs to happen as soon ... [Read More]
British Politician Jokes About Old-Fashioned Sluts

British Politician Jokes About Old-Fashioned Sluts

Godfrey Bloom, UK Independence Party (UKIP) whip, has been suspended for telling a misogynistic joke at a women's event entitled "Women in Politics." "This place is full of sluts," he declared in response to a woman's admission that she doesn't clean behind the fridge. Bloom insists he meant the old-fashioned usage of the word, meaning untidy, but that particular usage has long been ... [Read More]

Fur Coat Made of Chest Hair

Manscaping has turned men into boys but there's a new manly milk that's putting the hair back on their chests. Arla Foods is promoting Wing-Co chocolate milk with a new ad campaign that features men doing manly things like brandishing a super-sized flamethrower, performing a fireman's carry on a lion, and sporting a fur coat made of chest hair. The company says it's in response to what it ... [Read More]

Tree-mendous Christmas

One Seattle home is literally bursting with Christmas spirit. The family's Christmas tree goes through the roof or so it seems. Patrick Kruger and his wife spent nine hours creating the illusion. They cut off the tree top and attached it to the roof using plywood, sheathing and spare roofing tile. Unfortunately, it wasn't secured and blew over. He had to redo it without the help of his weary ... [Read More]