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Saturday Night Live SNL Dave Chappelle Walking Dead Negan bat lucille

The nation erupted in protest after a horrible decision ended the career of a beloved celebrity. Of course, I'm speaking of Steven Yeun AKA Glenn on The Walking Dead . . . and Hillary Clinton too. Saturday Night Live host Dave Chappelle starred as Negan as well as his victims, who are replaced with Chappelle's Show characters: white news anchor Chuck Taylor, rapper Lil Jon, blind white ... [Read More]
Donald Trump cartoon parody Stephen Colbert

Donald Trump has contemplated running for office multiple times since 1988. Trump expressed interest in being vetted as a running mate for George H. W. Bush according to the biography Destiny and Power: The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush. However, he never ran and so the media dismissed possibility each time the billionaire teased the idea. Donald Trump origin story The ... [Read More]
Watamote Tomoko Kuroki train molest rape Donald Trump president

Donald Trump is without a doubt sexist but does that make Trump supporters sexist for standing by their man? Not according to women for Trump. Democrats have called for Republicans to unendorse Trump after he was caught bragging about groping women in a more than decade old interview with Access Hollywood anchor Billy Bush. "The fact that now you've got people saying, 'Well, we strongly ... [Read More]
Sausage Party alternate ending Seth Rogen Edward Norton Michael Cera

Seth Rogen and the rest of the cast meet their onscreen counterparts in a Sausage Party alternate ending to the shocking cliffhanger. Firewater (Bill Hader) and Gum (Scott Underwood) break the fourth wall by revealing they are cartoons! They decide to confront their creators by traveling to the real world through a stargate. The movie abruptly ends as the characters vanish through the wormhole ... [Read More]
Stranger Things in Charlie Brown Christmas special

Good grief, Will Byers. A Stranger Things parody reimagines Will as everyone's favorite underdog in A Charlie Brown Christmas. He suffers from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after being rescued from the Upside Down dimension. He is consoled by his friends who also roleplay other Peanuts characters. Dustin fills in for wise man Linus. He advises Will to pay a visit to the psychiatric ... [Read More]
Walking Dead TV The Governor Room Construction Set McFarlane Toys

This Halloween, McFarlane Toys is treating 2 lucky winners to a tricked out mega pack of Walking Dead building sets valued at a total of $165. The pack features 7 different sets featured in seasons 3 & 4. Recreate iconic scenes from the Prison and the Governor's Room of zombie heads in fish tanks. The sets come with zombie figures as well as Rick, Hershel, Merle, Daryl, the Governor, Penny and ... [Read More]
Conan Walking Dead Glenn Abraham Steven Yeun Michael Cudlitz

Walking Dead may have bashed in the heads of Glenn & Abraham but Steven Yeun & Michael Cudlitz prove you don't need brains to host a television show. The out of work actors revealed they're filling in for O'Brien & Andy Richter during shows rehearsals. "I don't come in for rehearsals as you can tell," Conan admitted to the audience. Yeun mocked the late night host's lack of ... [Read More]