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Donald Trump sex video creeps out Stephen Colbert

Late Show host Stephen Colbert is touting his latest Donald Trump cartoon as the most disturbing cartoon ever. Rule 34 Even the President is not immune to being sexualized though maybe he should be. Trump bares his rump while sexting with his estranged wife, Melania. Now we know why she's the only First Lady not to live at the White House. Expect to get some weird advertisements now that ... [Read More]
Big Bang Theory Mayim Bialik womansplaining girl vs woman sexism feminism

Girl is a four letter word says Mayim Bialik. The Big Bang Theory actress has blossomed from a girl to woman and thinks referring to her as a girl is sexist. Bialik noted that language affects the way we view the world according to Sapir–Whorf theory as demonstrated in the award winning movie Arrival. "The terms we're using for women are outdated and insensitive," Bialik insisted in a ... [Read More]
Sand Whale and Me Hinako Saeki toonami Mamoru Oshi

Toonami is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the broadcast premiere of Sand Whale and Me, a 5 part miniseries by director Mamoru Oshii (Ghost in the Shell). Hinako Saeki (Uzumaki AKA Spiral) stars as KFC, a Mecha pilot stranded on a planet with gigantic whales that live in the sand. The creatures resemble the Sandworms featured in the movie Dune. The plot is also similar. KFC must ... [Read More]
Ghost in the Shell movie tickets

The anime streaming service Crunchyroll is giving away free tickets to the Ghost in the Shell movie based on the manga and anime by Masamune Shirow. Ghost in the Shell stars Scarlett Johansson as a cyborg working for a cyber crime task force. Sign up for a Crunchyroll free trial and receive one ticket from Fandango for up to $15. This special offer features a 30 day trial as opposed to the ... [Read More]
Action Comics 976 Lois Lane Superman supervillains Doomsday retcon

Superman returns to the glory days of Lois and Clark when past and present Superman merge in Action Comics #976 by writer Dan Jurgens & artist Doug Mahnke. The New 52 reboot erased the romantic relationship Clark Kent and Lois Lane. However, an earlier alternate version of the couple survived and lived undercover with their son, Jon Kent AKA Superboy. They replaced their younger counterparts ... [Read More]
Obi Wan kills Darth Maul Star Wars Rebels

Darth Maul is too clever by half. The Sith Lord's machinations get him cut down (again) by Obi Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars Rebels episode "Twin Suns." Maul has sought vengeance against Obi Wan ever since he was cut in half and left for dead in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. Revenge of the Sith Maul (Sam Witwer) manipulates his reluctant apprentice Ezra (Taylor Gray) with a ... [Read More]
What if Doctor Strange was Donald Trump 3 Wasp 2

... [Read More]