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What if Doctor Strange was Donald Trump 1 Watcher

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Simpsons couch gag revisits Robot Chicken nerd

The Simpsons couch gag is picturesque on this week's episode "The Cad and the Hat." The iconic sailboat painting that hangs above the couch is stolen by the Robot Chicken nerd. The painting first appeared in the season 2 couch gag. Previously, a landscape painting hung in its place. Marge claimed she painted the sailboat for Homer in "Trouble With Trillions." However, she later reads a ... [Read More]
Walking Dead sweepstakes code words walker zombie

Are you a diehard Walking Dead fan? Enter the Play Dead Sweepstakes for a chance to be turned into a zombie in a walk-on role on the 100th episode. Filming takes place in Georgia during the hot summer months so it won't be hard to get into character under all that zombie makeup. Watch each week for 2 code words revealed during episode premieres. Then enter the code before 6AM ET the ... [Read More]
Donald Trump Twilight Zone dummy Willie Talky Tina

Plenty of people think Donald Trump is dummy but is he really? The President-elect bears an uncanny resemblance to the dummy and doll featured in The Twilight Zone. Hillary Clinton even accused him of being a puppet of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Dumb Luck A ventriloquist trades places with his dummy in Twilight Zone episode "The Dummy." The similarities with ... [Read More]
People of Earth game Ozzie you are special don't get probe

Don't get weird but aliens are abducting the People of Earth. The hit TBS series revolves around a support group for alien abductees, or experiencers as they prefer to be called. Their claims are investigated by Ozzie Graham (Wyatt Cenac), a skeptical journalist who has a change of heart when he joins the group. The inept extraterrestrials give Ozzie false memories of a hitting a deer but ... [Read More]
Doctor Who The Return of Doctor Mysterio Grant Gordon Logan Hoffman

Doctor Who: The Return of Doctor Mysterio is a dream come true for comic book fan Grant Gordon, who possesses the prerequisite name alliteration of a superhero. The Doctor grants his wish when the young boy accidentally swallows the Hazandra gemstone, known as the ghost of love and wishes. Grant gains superpowers and fights crime as the masked vigilante The Ghost! The Doctor also receives a ... [Read More]
Star Wars Princess Leia rebels

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story taught us that the futuristic world does in fact have the technology to transmit data as opposed to physically delivering it like Princess Leia in Star Wars Episode IV. In fairness, who knows what sort of scrambling technology the Empire possesses. After all, the Rogue One ending reverts to using physical copies. Princess Leia led the Death Star straight to ... [Read More]