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James Gunn and Dave Bautista Bane Suicide Squad 2

When Disney fired director and screenwriter James Gunn from Guardians of the Galaxy 3 for decade-old offensive jokes. The entire cast has shown their support for Gunn but none more than Dave Bautista, who plays Drax. The actor threatened to quit during an interview with Shortlist “Where I’m at right now is that if ... [Read More]
Venom 2018 Tom Hardy movie review

Venom does whatever a spider can (mostly) despite Spider-Man being retconned out of his origin story. The alien symbiote no longer bonds with wall-crawler first and yet star Tom Hardy gives off a definite Peter Parker vibe. Journalist Eddie Brock (Hardy) starts a new life in San Francisco after sloppy reporting gets him fired ... [Read More]
Venture Bros. Carvel Cakes Brock Monarch Hank Dean

Adult Swim's latest contest really takes the cake. The television network is giving away Venture Bros. themed Carvel Cakes featuring Brock, The Monarch, Hank and Dean. The nostalgic cartoon makes for the perfect topping for the cakes sold by the nearly century old ice cream shop. Brock is actually made from a repurposed ... [Read More]

Brain-dead zombies hunger for brains but The Walking Dead want shoes . . . naturally. Both Carl (Chandler Riggs) and Morgan (Lennie James) have to lose their soles before they can bare their souls. Shoe on the other foot Carl angrily displays bravado to his father when he's forced to man up in The Walking Dead episode ... [Read More]
Women are overrated jokes Bill Burr on Conan

Bill Burr was greeted by a tough room after mocking the #MeToo Movement during an interview with Conan O'Brien. He began by reminiscing about the good old days when his father threw a glass of milk in his brother's face for talking back to their mother then left the mess for her to clean up. "The roles were defined back ... [Read More]
Funko Savage World Horror Leatherface Jason Voorhees Freddy Krueger Pinhead Michael Myers action figures

Just when you thought your favorite horror movie monsters couldn't get any more scary, Funko turns them into . . . JOCKS! These muscle-bound monsters are part of the Savage World toy line, which pays homage to the classic He-Man action figures. It focuses on similar style franchises like Mortal Kombat, Thundercats and Conan ... [Read More]
What if Doctor Strange was Donald Trump 9 Peter Parker Spider-Man Mojo Dormammu

TO BE CONTINUED . . ... [Read More]