Thursday, New Yorkers witnessed a rare celestial event, a morning moon. The less than celetial bodies (old & fat) are members of the activist group Act Up, a non-partisan group of individuals united in anger and committed to direct action to end the AIDS crisis, at least that’s what they claim.

Act Up’s website sports the deflamatory images of republicans George Bush and Ronald Reagan, but you wont see any attacks on democrats and the group was a no-show(?) at the Democratic Convention. The truth is Bush has signed off on the largest AIDS (international) funding ever ($15 billion). While some activist have complained too much funding has been appropriated to abstinence, aren’t these activists the same who argue absolute gun control rather than responsible use?

Bad reasoning seems to be a staple of these activists, just look right at yet another silly stunt this time by Operation Sibyl. According to Evan Thies, spokesperson for Operation Sibyl, they wanted to inspire others by showing just how far they are willing to go to remove Bush from office. The well-prepared activists swiftly repelled down the Plaza Hotel and draped their provocative banner across the face of the building before police could act. However, the banner shows Bush pointing to the left and the truth to the right so it stands to reason the message is Bush too liberal. Surely, that’s not what they meant, but it is yet another example of politics based on emotion rather than reason.If fear factor stunts win your vote, please for the love of god don’t vote