Say retcon!This December in the pages of THE ALL-NEW BOOSTER GOLD #5 Booster Gold discovers that one of comics’ most dramatic and life altering stories ever, BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE, in which the Joker shot and paralyzed Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl and subsequently led to Batgirl’s transformation into the super-hacker Oracle, never should’ve happened. WHAM! Take that author Alan Moore.

For those unfamiliar with Booster Gold think Pete Rose meets Marty Mcfly. A 25th century football player who’s disgraced after betting on his own games, Booster Gold travels back in time to be a hero but instead is recruited by time-cop Rip Hunter to stop a mysteryious villain from erasing the origins of the world’s greatest heroes. And so far he’s batting a thousand, having already saved the origins of Green Lantern, Superman, and now the Flash. There’s only one being in all the universe powerful enough to prevent Booster Gold from saving Batgirl and it’s not the Joker. It’s writer Geoff Johns. And it’s up to him to decide whether backstories are worth the paper they’re printed on. Don’t get me wrong I love the original batgirl and like most fans I wish Alan Moore… er, the Joker never shot her but he did. Let’s not push the reset button on Batgirl. Don’t retcon 20 years of Oracle out of existence or worse come up with some convoluted deus ex machina to have it both ways. I mean this is comics man! There’s a million ways to bring Batgirl back but please not this way. However it plays out, this is a must not miss book and at the very least we’ll get to see a young Batgirl in action.

Drunk time traveling (issue #3) Ask yourself, “Why am I not reading this?”
friends don't let friends time travel drunk