Ahh… youth. A stupider time, flailing joypads around for added leftness & rightness, kneeling beneath the TV to look up a skirt, and (physics be damned) NOTHING WAS STRONGER THAN THE DOUBLE PUNCH after all it’s twice the punch!
Bravo Bizarro for proving a spinning downward right hook is no match for the double punch. And now with the advent of motion sensitive joypads, can upskirt technology really be that far away?

Episode commentary (spoilers)
I had at least 3 problems with this episode:

  1. Bizarro has no qualms about killing yet he allows himself to be bitch slapped by Lois Lane
  2. Martian Manhunter heals just in time to be of no use
  3. Lana Lang figures the best hiding spot is in China wearing a blonde wig