With the dust still settling on the N-word’s grave, will The Boondocks bow down to all the haters? Don’t count on it. Season 2 pulls no punches: ass whoopings, F-bombs, homosexual pejoratives, and yes even the N-word abound; and that’s just the way we like it. Nevertheless, expect CNN to once again do a sanctimonious segment criticizing creator Aaron McGruder’s ethics, but hey that’s just more publicity.

The new season (20 episodes) kicks off with “Or Die Trying…” which revolves around the Boondocks gang sneaking into the blaxploitation film Soul Plane 2: the Blackjacking! where their whitebread neighbor Jazmine Dubois is schooled in the ‘finer points’ of movie theater etiquette. The episode frequently transitions between this and clips of Soul Plane 2, which is every bit as funny as the actual story if not more so. Case in point is a scene (clip right) where Jazmine watches a scared straight PSA on stealing movies that looks like something straight out of Grindhouse [I’ll never us the internet again Hollywood]. Not sold yet? Three words: Uncle Ruckus & Nunchucks! The Boondock is as fresh as ever but don’t take my word for it, season 2 premieres on Cartoon Network Monday, 10/8 11:30 EST.Professor Ruckus says don’t just watch Boondocks, read the comic strip
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