Breathe easy hungry kids of the world, help is on the way in the form of stylish new computers! We’ve been donating food and money to 3rd world countries for decades and what’s it gotten us? They’re still hungry. Well no longer. The geniuses at OLPC, One Laptop Per Child, realized the surest way to fatten up kids is video games. And the new XO Laptop, which costs under $200, comes internet ready and preloaded with Tetris and Connect Four. The prototype, which was charged via a hand crank was nixed in favor of the new model that utilizes an innovative pumping device… ahem, air jordans. OLPC is currently promoting a Give One Get One program which allows the general public to get their very own XO laptop when they purchase one for a child in a developing country for a total of $400, $200 of which is tax deductible. So if you wanna be a trendy philanthropist checkout

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