Where's my money, ho?
Santa’s living large at his polar crib but the Australian Santa staffing firm Westaff is having none of it and tells Santa to leave the hos at home. Westaff spokeswoman Sari Hegarty explains, “Westaff has been a provider of quality, caring Santas for over 40 years. Part of our advice to our Santas is that they should be mindful of children having their first Santa experience. We ask our Santas to try techniques such as lowering their tone of voice and using ‘ha, ha, ha’ to encourage the children to come forward and meet Santa.”

I suppose we should rename the Nutcracker and change the lyrics in songs like Deck the Halls: “our gay apparel” & Silent Night: “round yon virgin”. This is ludicrous. If you’re old enough to know the derogatory meaning of the word ho then you’re too old to be going to see Santa anyhow. And if you’re worried about your kids getting the wrong idea, sitting on some old fat guy’s lap probably wouldn’t go over too well either. At this rate we’re heading for some kinda cookie-cutter kiosk Santa and that’s just lame.

Post Postscript: What’s next, telling the Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, to “tone it down” & stop using the word ho.