whale harpoonJapanese sailors are having a whale of a time in the Antarctic this week as they break a 44 year old moratorium on whaling. In their defense, Japan insists its intentions are purely scientific, and that they want to conduct research on the whales’ reproductive and feeding patterns. And really what better way to see how something reproduces then to spear it with your harpoon. (wink wink)

However not everyone believes the Japanese intentions to be 100% altruistic. Greenpeace is ready to go war! These rabble rousers plan to follow and disrupt the voyage, arguing that the supposed scientific research is just a front for commercial whaling. They contend Humpbacks should be off the table because their singing displays intelligence. But I say take a look in the mirror. After all, don’t cows sing in their own way, albeit they just sing the chorus. And if a few bellies get full from the scientific leftovers, aka the whale burger (pictured below), what’s wrong with that. Science never tasted so good!