One thing stood out about last night’s CNN Republican debacle/debate, Christianity and in some cases the lack of it. The candidates responded to whether they believe the entirety of the Holy Bible with a unanimous hallelujah, taking issue only with extreme allegorical passages like ripping out your own eye & Jonah and the whale. But when asked what Jesus would do regarding the death penalty the candidates were stumped. Oh they could tell you their stance on it, how it was a difficult choice but in some cases necessary. But when it came to knowing their own God they were clueless. When prodded Mike Huckabee quipped, “Jesus was too smart to ever run for public off” and everyone laughed. Hardly a laughing matter that you are either oblivious to the kind of man Jesus was or are simply afraid to answer because your stance is different from that of Jesus.

This is the so called moral majority? Mitt Romney couldn’t even answer whether he believes the U.S. should employ the technique of waterboarding, arguing that we shouldn’t torture but that we mustn’t let anyone know what is or is not torture for fear of tipping of the terrorist to our interrogation techniques. The problem with that is that not only are the terrorists in the dark so are the American people and so is the rest of the world. And right now America’s biggest problem is its image. And moral ambiguity does not help.

Post Postscript: Kudos to John McCain who had the moral fortitude to condemn waterboarding.