The Sudanese government has foiled yet another insidious Western plot! Gillian Gibbons, a school teacher in Sudan, was arrested and sentenced to 15 days in jail after allowing her students to name the class teddy bear Muhammad (a common Muslim name). Her real mistake wasn’t using the prophet’s name for a toy. It’s which toy she picked. Had she named a wrestling figure (think: Iron Sheik) or a remote control monster truck with oversized wheels for running over the Jews, after the prophet – no problem. But a cute teddy weddy – blasphemy!

The logic behind this is simple: machismo. It’s why women are still virtual slaves in the Muslim world, they can’t go out without permission and proper male accompaniment. As we’ve all heard recently, these control freaks went so far as to punish a rape victim with 200 lashes. So it’s not unexpected that demoting the Muslim world’s most powerful male to a harmless teddy bear would get their panties in a bunch.

The kicker of the story is that Ms. Gibbons has publicly stated that she holds no malice towards Muslims and hopes their is no backlash against them despite recent Muslim protests complaining the sentence was too lenient and that she should be executed! WELL SCREW THAT!!! If Christians can embrace bobble head Jesus, Muslims can manage teddy Muhammad.

And since every website needs a mascot L7 World has chosen a Muslim bear to be that mascot but we need you to choose the name! So direct your eyes East and vote for teddy’s new name. Vote or die! Seriously I’ll put a Jihad on you if you don’t.