There’s little ambiguity to the imagery in Superman / Batman #42. Batman gives an inner-monologue about how he has repressed his sexual urges to fight crime. He succumbs to the supernatural charms of Orion’s wife, Bekka. As they embrace each other, he feels a vibration coming from Highfather’s staff opening a portal. (Is it getting hot in here or is it just the glowing vagina?)

This is a prime example of why fanboys can’t get laid. We… I mean they, imagine the vagina is this magical glowing rift to the Omega Realm and goes “SHHHKRESHHHHH”. Who wouldn’t be intimidated by that?

Will the Batman score? Is the glowing gap radioactive? Has it already devoured the Boy Wonder? Find out next week. Same L7 web address, same L7 time…

Superman Batman 42 (2008) glowing vagina