I always meant to watch Doggy Poo but never got around to it and eventually I completely forgot about it. That is until I came across it on the Comcast Video On Demand channel. So I figured: Hell, I got 30 minutes to kill. You might think an animation about doggy poo would stink especially when it’s 5 years old but not so.

After watching Doggy Poo, my “alleged” soul was in a state of dichotomy. It’s a moralistic tale that explains we all have a purpose even a doggy poo. However, the journey to discover that purpose is not all sunshine and rainbows, as our still warm poo discovers for himself. In fact, the vast majority of the the film involves the other characters either making fun of doggy poo or talking about their impending death! Even the eventual “happy” ending which is without dialogue or narration, ultimately culminates in death.

More then once I found myself getting choked up despite of some of the worst voice acting I’ve ever heard. Perhaps it was just all those times someone called me a little shit coming back to me. Definitely check this one out but only if you’re not a basket case like myself.