You might say the heat is on for 42-year-old firefighter Robin Garrison after exposing himself at the Berliner Park in Columbus, Ohio. However, this has got to be the worst case of entrapment since Adam & Eve were tempted by the Tree of Knowledge. The undercover woman to whom Mr. Garrison exposed himself to was not only sunbathing topless and rubbing up on him but she ASKED to see his penis!

You might as well asked a Muslim woman if she wants to go shopping. She’ll completely forget she ain’t allowed outta the house.

The police are touting this and similar entrapment stings where they leave valuables and wait for some poor sucker to pick them up as major successes, saying they have dramatically reduced crime. An iota of common sense will tell you there’s no possible way to draw a direct correlation between the two. What’s next, Bikini girls tempting you to jaywalk?