Not since the movie Dogma has the creator been so thoroughly accosted as in this week’s American Dad! Christmas special “The Most Adequate Christmas Ever.” Definitely one of the series’ better episodes, the plot is an homage to the movie classic Defending Your Life. After leading his family on a death march for the perfect Christmas tree, Stan is crushed by said tree and must defend this life so that he may return and save his family from freezing to death.

Shockingly [sarcasm] Stan doesn’t take losing too well, and he pulls his gun on the court. Of course, this being Heaven guns are useless so Stan grabs the bailiff’s Heavengun. And in classic Seth Macfarlane fashion a character points out the absurdity of a Heavengun.

Regardless, Stan makes his way to God’s office but sadly punks out after a God talks him down (video left). For shame, Seth Macfarlane. I’m sure killing God wouldn’t have gone over too big especially on a Christmas special but what a wasted opportunity. Maybe it’s just the devil in me but I would’ve loved to have seen some comment at the end like thank goodness we have God watching over us and Stan squints his eyes and says yesss… thank God. Then cut to God being detained in Guantanamo. Like all American Dad! episodes, zingers abound but this time they’re all funny! Particularly funny was Roger, the family’s pet alien, who spent much of the episode drunk with holiday cheer & eggnog. See for yourself in this montage I call A Very Roger Xmas (video below).