Jackass 2.5 mini motorcycle teeth knocked out

As the movie will tell you itself through its (too) many interview segments, i.e. less actual material, Jackass 2.5 is comprised solely of extra footage from Jackass 2 and clocks in at just over 1 hour. Meaning, there’s only about 50 min of “new” material here and not even all of that is up to snuff. Most noticeably missing are the insane opening stunts & over top musical dance numbers of the previous Jackasses. So it’s a pass right?

Not quite. The marketing geniuses behind the movie have made Jackass 2.5 free for a limited time (ending Jan 1st) @ http://blockbuster.jackassworld.com/, which is a great way to keep Jackass in the public eye for the upcoming Jackass 3 in 2008 and doesn’t cost them a dime since it’s just leftovers.

While not worth buying, Jackass 2.5 is definitely worth downloading. If only to rekindle your love for penis jokes, a’splosions, & self mutilation; or to get you to pull out that dusty old Jackass 2 DVD.

For those of you who actually prefer vulgarity (Wee Man smothered by an obese woman, Bam flying a kite outta his but with anal beads, or the magical baby powder poof fart) over the more elaborate humor of the previous movie (pubic hair beard terrorist, old man Knoxville and his sack, or surprise boxing glove to the face) Jackass 2.5 might be right up your alley.