I am Legend

L-A-Z-Y that’s the one word that best sums up I Am Legend. Where to begin. How about the utter lack of drama. The film tries to insert plot almost solely through flashbacks, which you can see coming from a mile away.

Will Smith who plays the brilliant scientist Robert Neville gives a solid performance with what he’s given, which is very little. After the breakout of a bizarre virus that turns people into mutants, mutants who all look exactly the same, Neville becomes the sole survivor in NYC with only his dog left to deliver bad one liners to. Well his dog and the mannequins he arranges throughout the city. It seems as though all these things are put here to provide chuckles for the audience rather than any real significance for the character other than ‘Gee, I sure am lonely.’

And if you’re looking for action or scares you won’t find it in this PG-13 snoozefest. At best there are 4 scenes that even come close to waking you up: a short escape from infected, a short attack by infected dogs, running over infected people with his car, and the only blockbuster moment of the movie a full frontal attack by the infected on Neville’s home, which you will have to sit through an hour of garbage to see.

The defining scene in this movie has gotta be Neville seeing a butterfly shape in some cracked glass and then remembering his daughter mentioning a butterfly. If that doesn’t tell you what kinda movie this is nothing will!