The first Speed Racer movie trailer is finally out (video below) and it can best be described as Hot Wheels Meets Spy Kids. The plot seems to be up to snuff: after discovering the races are fixed, Speed refuses to play along but will it cost him his life & who is the mysterious Racer X?
If only they stuck with a style instead of mixing cartoony races with live action dialog this might have been watchable. Beyond the disconcerting visuals the actors are all wrong. Again, PICK A STYLE!

They should have made this either dark & brooding or over the top like the original. I vote for the latter. If I could recast this film, I’d use the cast of The Producers: Matthew Broderick as Speed Racer, Nathan Lane as Pops Racer, and Will Ferrell as Racer X. As for Trixie, Sarah Michelle Gellar definitely has the look and voice down cold. As it is this movie may go over big the soccer moms and their kids but as for me, I’ll be steering clear of this Hollywood pileup.