Cover you kids’ eyes because comics ain’t what they used to be. And here’s a few of this year’s trashiest comics!

The most controversial comic of the year is the infamous (implied) tentacle rape cover of Heroes for Hire #13. Unfortunately, like many comics the cover is blatantly erroneous. Not only is there no tentacle rape, there’s not even a tentacle monster. The girls are attacked by maggots that feed off pain, which is a totally different fetish.

In Justice League Of America #15 it’s revealed that the 50 foot tall giantess, known as Giganta, doesn’t wear panties.

Black Canary gets an eyeful and advises: “One other thing, if you have to wear a dress in battle? Get some underpants. Or at least learn to sit like a lady.”

It’s no wonder that it takes a woman to put this girl to bed. Any man who saw that would be paralyzed with fears of inadequacy. Even Superman would probably cringe, if only out of embarassment.

Last but not least is Joker transexual sidekick Bruno, who bares her huge breasts with swastikas pasties in All Star Batman and Robin #8. Her fashion sense was apparently inspired by a rare Warner Bros. WWII propaganda cartoon, which features a spy girl with swastikas nipples to divert attention away from the giant microphones on her breasts!

Still my favorite trashy comic remains Superman/Batman #42 and its vagina shaped dimensional portal. (see: Does the D in DC Comics Stand for Deflowering)