The first votes are in and Hillary got shut out. Somebody pass Shrill… I mean Hill a tissue.

The small town of Dixville Notch, New Hampshire and its 17 registered voters cast their votes at the stroke of midnight and not a single one was for Hillary Clinton. It just goes to show you, no one wants a crybaby for President. Meanwhile, Obama’s positive message continues to win him votes despite the utter lack of specifics. Guess no one remembers a certain Republican Governor from Texas who won over voters over with his personable style.

Substance over style people: VOTE MCCAIN


It turns out these 17 voters didn’t foreshadow a defeat for Hillary but according the Barack Obama this is one trick pony. Asked about the surprise win, the Obama campaign attributed it to Hillary’s waterworks moment and caveatted it by saying it was a moment that could not be duplicated. In other words, well of crocodile tears is all dried up. More importantly, it seems L7 World’s endorsement of John McCain pushed him through the roof!