It took six whole issues of traveling through time but Booster Gold finally saved his best friend Blue Beetle from his untimely death at the hands of Maxwell Lord, but at what cost?
Despite assurances from a future version of Blue Beetle that altering the timeline was just ducky, time cop Rip Hunter remains unconvinced, and rightfully so. It’s only natural that saving Blue Beetle would make a cunning guy like Maxwell Lord alter his plans, or at least his methods, to eliminate all superhero/alien influence on the world.

Yep you guessed it, the also formerly deceased Maxwell Lord aka the Black King, THE GUY WHO CAN MIND CONTROL SUPERMAN, is back thanks to Booster’s meddling! And say hello to his little friends featured on the cover of next months’ issue of Booster Gold (slightly altered picture right). No those ain’t flying smurfs. They’re OMACs, Max’s own personal army of terminators, and it took 4 Blue Beetles & 1 Booster Gold to take down just one OMAC last issue!
But before we get to issue #7 we’re hopping into the wayback machine all the way to Booster Gold #0! Where the secret origin of Booster Gold will be revealed? Gee, I thought it already had been – future failure travels back in time to become a superhero. Hopefully this won’t just be a retelling of that story. Either way this issue which pits the greatest heroes never know (Booster Gold/Blue Beetle) against the greatest Green Lantern Hal Jordan in his Parallax days is not to be missed.
My only criticism of this issue is that in reviving Maxwell Lord, it washes Wonder Woman’s hands clean of his murder. The aftermath & tension that resulted from her using lethal force actually got me caring about Wonder Woman for the first time… other than eye candy that is.
*See ya in 30