Mike Huckabee’s up to his old tricks again. First, he feigned ignorance regarding Mitt Romney’s Moron religion in order to pose a loaded question, asking if Jesus was the Devil’s brother. Now Huckabee’s kicked off the new year by promising to fight fair. And just to be crystal clear on what’s not fighting fair he showed the press the type attack ad he won’t be showing, expect for this one time.


This kinda underhanded stunt was perhaps best depicted in the classic Looney Tunes cartoon “To Duck… or Not to Duck” which you may be surprised to know Huckabee starred in (video right). Of course, back then Mike Huckabee went by the stage name of Elmer Fudd.


Not convinced these two caricatures are one and the same. Exhibt A: both Mike Huckabee and Elmer Fudd started life as fatties but kept their big heads after losing the weight.



Exhibt #2: both are piss poor hunters with simple-minded smiles. I rest my case. We’re on to you, you wascally powitician and in the immortal words of Daffy Duck “you’re despicable!”
BONUS: If just just can’t get enough Fudd, Google has an Elmer Fudd themed version of itself. CWICK HERE TO SEE.