For as long as they can remember the Ullustrians, a race of super-intelligent aliens, have been locked in a never ending battled with the bestial Violators and only one man can turn the tide – JFK! So when the Ullustrians kidnap and brainwash Kennedy into helping them, it’s up to the teen titans to rescue him.

If you’re a flower child and want to relive the 60s, Teen Titans Lost Annual is the comic for you. It’s totally retro. The space aliens look like a cosmic version of the Beetles (mop-tops, suits, even the big heads) and the wolfmen wear bandannas. I don’t know how much they used the word lover back in the 60s (before my time), but they sure use it a lot here. Every other word outta Wonder Girl’s mouth is about her lover, who she falls head over heels in love with after defeating him in battle. Even the Boy Wonder refers to him as Wonder Girl’s lover! Didn’t they have synonyms in the 60s?


Only decades after the man’s death could a comic like this be made. The story ends with Kennedy returning to Earth only to find the duplicate the aliens had left in his place has been assassinated! A selfless Kennedy realizes that his incredible story would be suspect and divide the nation so he departs once again to battle evil throughout the universe. Eat your heart out Oswald… oh wait you can’t cause you’re dead! (unlike Kennedy)