Everyone deals with death in their own way, but what happens when your it’s your roommate who dies and he’s behind on the rent? Well if you’ve seen the cult classic Weekend at Bernie’s, you prop him up in an office chair and wheel him down to the local Pay-O-Matic.

At least that’s what David Dalaia and James O’Hare did when they tried to cash Virgilion Cintron’s social security check in Hell’s Kitchen New York. Unbelievably, no one was fooled and the two were swiftly arrested for bad taste in movies.

Somehow real life cadaver puppets seem less funny, maybe it’s just the lack bikinis and martinis.
Here’s some other movie tricks that are sure not to work in real life:

  1. If need to conceal your identity put on some glasses it works for Superman
  2. If you are on the run from the law and a cop spots you while in a convenience store, take a hostage using a candy bar it worked for Charlie Sheen in The Chase.
  3. If you really wanna open a can o’ whoop ass on someone use the unstoppable double punch featured in Smallville (watch clip).