robot/amputee fetish wet dreamWhen the Terminator said “I’ll be back” I bet you never thought it’d be as a little girl. The Fox Network series Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles stars Summer Glau as Cameron a female Terminator sent back to service… I mean serve John Conner and ensure he survives to lead the resistance in the inevitable rise of the machines – or is it inevitable?

The pilot, which takes place in 1999 between T2 & T3, features the most user friend Terminator yet. Unlike that big sour puss Arnold, Cameron aims to please and after being asked by Sarah Conner to put an end to Skynet once and for all, she readily agrees and uses her spare time machine to transport the three of them to the far-flung year of 2007!

Despite what you might think – IT’S ACTUALLY GOOD! Obviously you’ve got lots of boom-boom. And then there’s all the sexy ladies, thanks to a time anomaly known as marketing Sarah Conner is younger and hotter than ever before. Not to mention the uber cute Terminatrix.

But it’s the side stories that’ll keep you interested. In addition to the relentless T-888 hunting them down, there’s an equally dogged detective assigned to bring them in and the heart-broken finance Sarah Conner left behind who team up to get some answers. Throw in a little one-liner humor and it’s enough to keep you from reaching for that remote. One such scene (video right) in which the T-888 impersonates a schoolteacher, debuts the new catchphrase all the kiddies will be saying this year “class dismissed.” [thank God the rumor about this scene being cut for school violence was not true]