Fashion sense tingling!See what happens when you feed the Retcon Monster! After taking Mephisto up on his offer to save Aunt May at the cost of their marriage (see: MAYDAY! MAYDAY! SPIDER-MAN’S MARRIAGE ANNULLED), Mary Jane has been reborn as the fashionably challenged crime fighter Jackpot (Amazing Spider-Man #546). Apparently divorce gives you superpowers, who knew.

Even Aunt May is displaying girl power in her very own back story “The Amazing Aunt May” in which she outwits a drug dealer while volunteering at the local soup kitchen. Somebody shoot me now. Seriously this reminds of that old SNL sketch with Christopher Walken clamoring for more cow bell in the Blue Oyster Cult songs. Is anyone out there really saying ‘I gotta have more Aunt May‘?

Webpages are extra sticky!

But fear not true believer… a brand new day is here! Spider-Man has gone back to his roots. The webshooters are back! The whole natural webbing always irked me. The webshooters are not only more believable, they make you remember Peter’s not just a scrapper he’s a scientist. Not to mention all the dramatic situations they lend themselves to like forgetting to pack ’em or just plain being empty.

Also gone is the responsible NYC teacher Peter Parker. He’s back to being broke & unemployed (just like your friendly neighborhood webmaster), and he’s having a helluva time sprucing up his resume, what with all the extracurriculars. Continuity may have got coldcocked but me thinks Spider-Man just got a lot more fun!