Birrrrrrrrrd-man!Adult Swim strikes again with yet another video game adaptation. Much like the Aqua Teen Hunger Force game, Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law is not designed for mass appeal but it gives fans exactly what they want (no not incestuous relations between Birdgirl and her father).
Gameplay is incredibly simple. Before beginning each case you look for clues which aren’t really hidden. All you need to do is examine them and move on to the next room. Occasionally you’ll talk to witnesses and be given a choice of 3 responses. Don’t worry, just like in the show it doesn’t matter what Harvey says . If you happen to pick the wrong one you just get a funny cutscene and choose again. Once you’ve gathered enough evidence it’s off to the courtroom. This is the only real challenge of the game, listening to testimony and using the evidence you’ve collected to pick it apart. Presenting the wrong evidence costs you life. Luckily the game includes the option to save AT ANY POINT! (i.e. save right before you present evidence) Kudos Capcom.
The game’s fairly short no more than 15 hours even for the worst of public defenders and literally 95% of that is cutscences, don’t be surprised if some of it makes it to the show. Another plus for fans of the show are all the unlockables which include some wacky outtakes. And Capcom gets bonus points for building this neat little website which one of the cases revolves around (hint hint).I love the whole concept of a law genre video game.My only objection is it’s a little too linear. I would’ve liked to seen the judge/jury give the final verdict rather than the absolutes of right or wrong questions the game uses. Or options like badger the witness while avoiding contempt of court but perhaps that’s better left for a more serious game than this veritable kangaroo court.Final verdict: Guilty – of being a steal @ under $30!