Have you ever seen a season cliffhanger so intriguing that you could just die. You have if you read Green Lantern #25 the finale to the Sinestro Corps miniseries. This sneak peak was a godsend for the petering Sinestro saga, in which we learned the Green Lanterns are part of an intergalactic rainbow coalition that includes the Love Corps (violet), Compassion Corps (indigo), and Hope Corps (Blue).
But there’s always one color left outta these so-called inclusive rainbows – black (ya racist homosexuals). Well look out you poozers cause in 2009 there’s gonna be a Black Lantern Corps and they’re FREAKING ZOMBIES! Yep, as you can see from the preview below these black power rings will recruit anyone – even dead people. And you thought the U.S. Army had shady recruiting practices.
The only question is who in the DC Universe will be resurrected. Judging by the bazillion rings flying towards Earth, I’d say everyone. But here’s some ideas. Heavy hitters and fan faves Superboy & Kid Flash are good bets. What about O.G. Flash, Barry Allen? Considering his status as D.C.’s token dead guy and the uproar it would cause with fans probably not. Of course this assuming they are permanently resurrected. For all we know removal of the ring re-deads the undead. In this case I could see it happening as it maintains the superheroes’ original sacrifice while adding yet more turmoil for for those they leave behind. I would say Blue Beetle but if you’re reading Booster Gold (or at least my reviews of it) you know that guys so determined to bring his buddy back that I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulled a Superman and flew around the Earth in reverse.
There’s countless other possibilities like Spoiler, Jade, Joker’s daughter, Trickster, Captain Boomerang, Elongated Man & his wife but here’s the ones I’m personally hoping for. The murdered parents of both Batman and Robin (Tim & Dick), the love of Metamorpho life Indigo (:sniff:) and Kid Amazo who was ordered to his death after being tricked into sleeping with his own mother! I know Indigo & Kid Amazo are androids and I don’t care. Androids are people too. BRING THEM BACK! Ra’s al Ghul and Solomon Grundy need no help returning from the grave but I’d love to see these badasses with power rings. And last but not least, Composite Superman. No explanation needed.