The Norwegian government is preparing for the worst and putting seeds from around the world on ice. The Svalbard Global Seed Vault aka the “Doomsday Vault” which is kept a constant temperature of minus 18C, will house as many as 2 billion seeds, everything from soybeans to barley. The idea is that should some global catastrophe destroy the world’s crop, the vault will provide a safety net.

Maybe it’s just the fanboy in me, but am I the only one that sees that this is clearly a devious plot by Norway make money! It’s just like the first Superman movie when Lex Luthor buys up inexpensive Nevada desert so that he can sink California and own expensive beach front property. I mean for crying out loud, IT’S CALLED THE DOOMSDAY VAULT! They coulda called it the Seed Library or Repository. But Doomsday Vault!? A vault keeps people out.

So if plants start dying off, don’t believe that liberal garbage that it’s because of Global Warming – BLAME NORWAY!