As he’s so fond of pointing out, Mike Huckabee didn’t major in math. Apparently, he didn’t major in reading (between the lines) either. Only days before the March 4th primaries, Huckabee has been using his interviews (remind me why are people still interviewing him?) to beg John McCain for another debate. After McCain eventually responded that he hadn’t received an “official” request from Huckabee’s campaign, Huckabee used his campaign’s remaining funds to FedEx said request. When asked if he would accept Huckabee’s offer, McCain replied, “Not likely (read: absolutely no). We have a pretty hard and fast schedule (read: he’s washing his hair). We’ve debated 16 times (read: it’s time to debate other people). So we’ll have to examine it (read: I’m changing my phone number), … But, frankly I doubt it (read: let’s be friends).” Ever the optimist, Huckabee has accepted an invitation to the Values Voter Presidential Debate scheduled for March 3rd. MIKE! W-A-K-E U-P!!! McCain’s moved on – you should too.