Ladies do you have dry, rough, callus man-feet? Well just in time for Valentine’s Day Telebrands Corp, the same people who brought you innovations like the Fish Pen and Doggy Steps, has unveiled their greatest invention yet – Ped Egg! The Ped Egg takes the latest in cheese grater technology and applies it to your feet.

And talk about a great deal, it’s just $10 and when buy one, you get one free* (just pay the exorbitant shipping and handling of $6.95 in addition to the $6.95 you’re already paying for the 1st one.) Don’t want a 2nd Ped Egg? Too bad. That’s right this “free” bonus is mandatory. The website offers no other option. The final tally of $23.90 may seem a bit steep, but when you consider all the cash you’ll save on foot job malpractice, you can afford to foot the bill! (pun intended) But don’t take my word for it (you doubting Thomas piece of @#!?) see for yourself! (video below)