I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Even Courtney Love had one. BUT JENNA JAMESON!?

Jenna Jameson’s Shadow Hunter is about a broke tattoo artist named Jezzerie who’s been able to see demons ever since she was a child. But when she responds to a classified ad looking for someone just like her (go figure) those visions become real. It’s published by Virgin Comics, which is hilarious when you consider Jenna was just in the news for having vaginoplasty (reconstructive surgery to… ahem, plug the hole). Shadow Hunter screams unoriginality. It’s: one part The Maxx, one part The Darkness. And despite the protagonist obviously being modeled on Jenna, Jezzerie comes off as an incongruent intellectual, using $10 words like transcendental, opaque, and ennui (ou la la!). Personally, I’d rather read a Stripperella comic.

[The only good thing about Shadow Hunter is it’s getting me motivated to get my ass in gear on my own comics… hell if pornstar can do it!]