As is if the Democratic election weren’t undemocratic enough what with 15% caucus thresholds and superdelegates, but now the make or break state may be Texas – A STATE WHERE YOU CAN VOTE TWICE!

Texas assigns 2/3 of its delegates based on primaries and the other 1/3 on caucuses, which you can only participate in if you vote in the primaries first. In other words, unless you vote twice, YOUR VOTE ONLY COUNTS AS 2/3 VOTE!

But it doesn’t stop there. Texas distributes delegates between its districts based on PAST VOTER TURNOUT! So if your district happens to have a higher turnout this year as has been the trend throughout the country, oh well – YOU WON’T BE GETTING EQUAL REPRESENTATION UNTIL 2012!

I suggest Texas’ new slogan should be: You don’t mess with Texas. Texas messes with you!