Five years ago Yorick Brown went to bed a nobody (i.e. an English major). When he woke up he was the most important man in the world (i.e. the only man in the world). 60 issues later, the Yorick’s journey ended as mysteriously as it began.

If you haven’t read the series please do so before reading on, and especially before before the movie comes out in 2009 ( is your friend).

Y: The Last Man #60 flashes forward 60 years into the future from issue #59 to reveal a futuristic world complete with flying cars and a seemingly un-aged Yorick. Only later do we learn that he is in fact one of the many Yorick clones that have repopulated the Earth. The real McCoy has fallen into a deep depression and who can blame him. He’s traveled around the world, fought amazons & ninjas, even ate monkey poop, all to find the love of his life, Beth. Only to find out she was gonna dump him that is until he became the world’s most eligible bachelor. And when he finally realizes his true soul mate is his bodyguard, agent 355, she gets her brains blown out right in front of him! So it’s up to Yorick Brown the 17th to give his progenitor one last laugh.

If you’re hoping for a happy ending, you’re S.O.L. Rather than cheering up Yorick, and by extension the reader, Yorick Jr. evokes depressing flashbacks: Beth & Hero (his sister) becoming a couple, his companion Dr. Mann dying, even Ampersand, his pet monkey whose magical poop kept Yorick alive, passes away. The only flashback that doesn’t make you want to pull your own heart out is a touching scene between agent 355 and Yorick, where Yorick asks her to think of a card. He’s stunned when gets it wrong saying “Every woman I’ve ever met has said Queen of Hearts.” To which 355 replies “You may need to meet more woman.” And with that (and a well timed monkey ambush) Yorick escapes disappears out an open window leaving only his straitjacket floating in the window. Clearly this is meant to be uplifting (pun intended) but at first I kept thinking to myself ‘so what he escaped, he’s life still sucked monkey balls!’ And then I realized something, Yorick literally escaped his depression. Throughout the series he was gleefully showing off his escape artist talents, he could’ve escaped at anytime. The fact he finally decided to do so speaks volumes. Or as Yorick’s dad once told him, “A pair of deuces ain’t much… but sometimes, it can be a winning hand.”