Eerily similar to the comic book Y: The Last Man, in which a female scientist’s attempt to clone herself unleashes a plague that wipes out all men, British scientists have created sperm from female stem cells. The process literally takes men out of the equation. This artificial sperm lacks the Y chromosome, which only men carry, and therefore can only produce female offspring.

So what happens when women realize they no longer need us? Well fear not guys, Brazilian scientists have done the reverse, creating eggs from male stem cells. Of course male couples would still need a surrogate to carry the fetus to term so we’re pretty much screwed (pun intended).

Gay and lesbians couples are touting the frankenscience as it allows both parents in a same sex marriage to have a biological link to the offspring with only minimal side effects similar to those with cloning: miscarriage, birth defects, and no soul. Amazingly the so-called journalists who’ve covered this story have missed the most important ramification of this breakthrough in reproduction – it’s now possible for women and men to impregnate themselves with their own artificial sperm/eggs!