Dai Mahou Touge sake

Before Princess Punie can become Queen of Magical Land she’ll have prove herself by surviving 1 year on Earth. But it won’t be easy with even her own family trying to kill her!

The funny thing is she’s got it coming to her. Much like her mother, Punie’s magical girl appearance belies her true nature. Punie believes might makes right. And she’s just as likely to lay the smack down on you with her arsenal of bone-crushing submission holds as she is to charm you with her kawaiiness (that’s cuteness for the otaku-impaired).

Dai Mahou Touge is a riot. There’s no real story, just a bunch of zany situations like magical trains that are powered Flintstones style except with slaves. Kinda reminds me of Family Guy. There’s even a little anthropomorphic dog-like creature. Paya, who unwillingly serves as Punie’s mascot, secretly plans her demise when he’s not doing his Pikachu impression that is.

If you’re still on the fence, check out this side-splitting scene (video below) in which magically imbued veggies willing offer themselves up for Punie’s lunch. Then head over to Crunchyroll and watch it for free! Sadly it’s a short series, only 8 12-minute episodes and 4 omake (bonus) 2-minute episodes.

Update: No longer free on Crunchy Roll but practically free @ Amazon – Magical Witch Punie Chan DVD