I don’t usually talk about personal stuff, but today I feel compelled to. Last night at the gym while I was doing the machine preacher curls (110lbs. not to brag or anything) a guy came up to me and asked how many sets I had left. I told him “a lot.” So he asked if he could work in with me. I told him “no, cause I don’t feel like getting up and down between sets” since I already feel like I’m gonna spew chunks after a set as it is.

Mr. Manners then proceeded to call me dick and explain to me that everyone else lets him work in. Then he called me a dick some more. At which point I flexed my middle finger and told him that you don’t always get your way. “DICK DICK DICK.” Eventually I just agreed “OK, I’m a dick but you’re a pussy.”

So here’s some helpful hints for the next time you go to the gym Mr. Manners and people like you:

  1. Just because you ask, doesn’t mean you get your way (should have learned this as a child)
  2. Don’t ask over & over if I’m done (every time you do, I add a set)
  3. Don’t stand over me or stare at me (this makes me work out slower too)
  4. If someone’s on a machine you wanna use do something else numb nuts (seriously in all my years of going to the gym I’ve never once asked someone if they were almost done or if I could work in)

So relax Schwarzenegger, your muscles ain’t going anywhere and neither am I.