After losing his eyesight Takuma Hirose is sent to live with his uncle where he meets 3 girls that will change his life: Hinata, Hayami, and Otoha (H2O” target=”_blank”>H2O).

Takumi immediately befriends Hayami, the town outcast, despite her pleas for him to stay away. Whereas Hinata, the village leader’s granddaughter, goes out of her way to get close to Takumi. Otoha… well she’s a ghost that only Takumi can see! And after a little divine intervention Takumi gets his sight back.

Then things really get complicated!

Takumi discovers the village’s animosity towards Hayami hearkens back to when her family literally nickel-and-dimed the village to death for their medical services. But apparently burning down Hayami’s house and killing her family wasn’t payback enough! From there it’s just one twist after another.

Convoluted doesn’t begin to describe H2O. It’s not that it’s bad. It just would’ve been so much better if they hadn’t tried to squeeze 2 seasons worth of plot into 12 short episodes. And halfway through the series there’s a completely incongruent magical girl episode, which seems to be a manifestation of mental breakdown by Takumi. However, by the end of the series we witness more dubious magic that casts doubt on that theory. What’s real and what’s not? That’s what you’ll be left asking yourself. But if you like your romantic comedies a little on the dark side, like guys using a girl as a punching bag kinda dark (video right) then surf on over to for some refreshing H2O.